The days past just the same as any other, they soon turned into weeks, the months, with the same, never ending routine. Get up - six am; go to her shift at the pet shop - seven o'clock; grab a sandwhich from the corner shop - twelve-thirty; go and look after some old ladies - twelve-forty-five; go and clean the nursery - three-fifteen; get a quick tea - around four-thirty (the only variation in her day); look after old ladies again - ten past five; go to bed - ten-thirty.

And after eighteen months of scraping and saving, Gabrielle had enough money to attend Melif University. With Grannie's diary to keep her going, she decided, in her despair, to make Grannie proud. Although an entry had not been made for a year and a half - for it was all the same - it was still enough hope for this eighteen year old. Gabrielle started Melif University, studying geneology on the twnety-fifth of october, nineteen eighty-two.

As she hopped off the bus, Gabrielle fell instantly in love with the aunthenticy of the building that she would have to spend many an hour for the next four years. She just hoped that she could make a good new start and work so hardso hard that she would forget the burning abyss where Dominick had been just less than two years before.

'Hi, you okay there?'
Gabrielle whipped her head round. There stood a tall, young man with shiny white teeth and blond hair.

'Um, no I'm okay thank you. Oh, wait, yes - which way to the geneology part of the building?' she replied politely.

'As a matter of fact, I'm going there too. Why don't we go together?'

Gabrielle nodded and they set off. Why was she smiling like that? Had she felt this feeling before?

They took their seats in the lecture room and the lecturer began.


'I'm Hermann by the way. Hermann Dennison. Sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier.' the boy said.

'Gabrielle. Gabrielle Mountain. Although I'm technically not part of the Mountain family any more but of the Cardingtons.' Saying Cardington was so hard that Gabrielle felt tears rising.

'Oh don't cry, I know nothing of your story, your past but I'd love to hear it - if you'll tell me.' Gabrielle shook her head. She would not - could not speak her story. Especially to this boy who seemed to show interest in her.

'At least let me show you around and treat you to coffee.' Gabrielle accepted and was given a tour of the whole university campus before sitting in a corner table of the canteen with a cup of coffee and a muffin.

Gabrielle felt different. She felt as if something had decieved her, or slipt her mind. Surely she wasn't falling for this boy. No! She loved - gulp - Dominick. That was final. She was glad to have found a friend. She was nothing more and never would be. She had vowed to herself that she would never fall in love with another. It had brought nothing but heartbreak before. It would be no better now. But why did she smile when she saw him, or always hang out with him? Why was it that he was the one she would call for help in the next few days, weeks.

Wait. Is that really how long she was away from Dominick? Even Gabrielle wasn't sure how she survived without him. She wondered how the family were getting on. How were they coping with the new baby. Lilyana would be nine now! How different they would all be and with her not there to see it. Gabrielle, sitting on her bed at home, was once again swallowed up by despair.

The End

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