25th November

5 Cante Street, Melif

Dear Diary,
Here I am, in my new 'home'. But it's not my home though. My home is in Harrington city and it always will be. My real home anyway.

I can't call it home any more. I'm never going back. I have to  stay here, away from my friends, away from Dominick and the Cardingtons, and away from Grannie. It's killing me to be away. I'm away from where Grannie's soul resides. I miss her spirit. Her company.

I could have stayed somewhere in the city, but how awkward it would be to come across mum, or Dianna, or one of her snobby friends in the streets. Or maybe I would see one of the Cardingtons and they would be wondering why I hadn't come to see them or they would be angry, or they would talk to me and mum would see! No, I couldn't stay. I had to leave and never see them again.

But it broke my heart never to see Dominick again, and I shall never mend it by means of sticky tape. It simply can't be done! I had to leave sooner than expected, but I will always remember him, and our last few moments. The feel of his skin, the taste of his kiss will be with me forever. Even if we don't meet again!

And all I have of Grannie is this diary. This diary and this diary alone. Now, after all this time, I got the urge to read her diary entries. That way I would have more of her. But it was a silly thought and I pushed it away.

So I'm here and I've had to get a job to pay for my rent. Since mum cut off the money on my debit card and I have very little in my pockets, it'll soon run out. So I'm now a cleaner at Melif nursery, and I work at the pet shop.

When I get a better job, I'll start university but that might be a while. When I'm 20 my savings account opens and I can start paying with that. Then, when I'm done, I'll go baxk to Harrington and find Dominick. But only then. I cannot go until I'm fully qualified for a job and I'm mature enough to disobey my parents properly. That is when I will go.

The End

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