Three weeks passed and Gabrielle managed to keep Dominick concealed from her family - except Dianna, who was still curious about the goings on in Grannie's attic rooms.

In this time, unfortunately, Francis Lyle had passed away. His rheumatism got the better of him, that or a heart attack. No one really knows much about his death, but he will he sorely missed and not involved in this story again. His funeral took place on the 15th November 1983.

In the attic, Gabrielle sat cross legged on the bed, looking through a photo album. Dominick emerged from the bathroom with spiked up wet hair and a towel around his bare shoulders.

'Oh, hi,' he said. 'What are you doing here so early?'

'I was just thinking, why don't we make a photo album and family tree for your family?'

He smiled and sat on the bed next to her.

'I'll take that as a yes. We should start with some information about you plus family. Then I might be able to find some pictures and information on the internet!'

So they sat together, Dominick giving all the information that he knew, and Gabrielle searching google for everything it knew about the Cardingtons. In minutes, she founed a census on Ancestry, due to her knowledge on finding people and her Grannie's Ancestry account. In due course it was all written out and layed out carefully on the bed.

'Right, let's start with all we found on your mum.' she organised. But Dominick didn't answer. Instead, he leaned towards her and kissed her. His lips were soft and moist. Then he drew back.

Gabrielle was stunned. She realised what that feeling was, that she'd felt all those years ago. Now she knew. It was love. Pure love.

He kissed her again. Harder, more fully. Longer. She leaned back and he leaned with her, until her back was pressed against the duvet of her Grannie's bed. She completely melted into him. Her arms slipped around his neck and his rested half round her back. Their lips moved as one, dancing toagether, tongues playing. It lasted for years - or what felt like it - and Gabrielle hoped it would last so many more. But it didn't. Dominick pulled away, smiling. The moment ended. He stood up, she sat up. That was that, awkward silence. She left the room.


Meanwhile, Dianna had found Gabrielle's secret diary. She had been sitting with her friends, in the park, reading it. Then she came to the recent bit. It reads:

"Dear Diary,
It's amazing how long I've been able to keep this secret. No one would ever think to look in Grannie's rooms because no one but me is allowed up there. They'll never suspect anything. I've been practicing keeping secrets for eight years. It's payed off. Dominick Cardington is the best person I've ever met. But what is it that I feel when I'm around him?

I really hope mum or Dianna don't find out because I'd have hell to pay when they find that I've been keeping a poor son of an arrested man in the house. Dominick Senior Cardington is NOT a bad man."

With that, Dianna slammed the book shut and ran out of the park and down the road, much to her friends' concern. She knew who Dominick Senior Cardington was - he had been on the news only three weeks ago. He was a theif. And Gabrielle - her own sister - was concealing his son. She had always known Gabrielle was low, but she never would have expected she was friends with that kind of riffraff!

She reached home and ran upstairs. Gabrielle was in her room, as she'd expected.

'You stupid girl,' she hissed, 'You really thought that you'd get away with it?'

'What are you on about?' Gabrielle swung her head around, away from her computor.

'I know your little game! It's over! I know who you have in the attic! The son of a thief! I'm telling mum and you can't stop me!'

'What the.....? It was you! You stole my diary! You little..!' Gabrielle cursed, but Dianna was gone. Downstairs, to where mum was sitting watching come dine with me.

Gabrielle knew she had warn Dominick. Her feet flew to the stairs. She was up in less than ten seconds, fumbling with the lock. It would take some time for Dianna to make mum believe her but still, there wasn't much time.

'Dominick! Quick, Dianna read my diary and she's telling mum about you right this minute.' she cried. He was suddenly panic stricken, racing round the room, picking up his stuff like he was going to escape without them finding him. Gabrielle knew she was in big trouble, more than she ever had been before, and now there were footsteps on the first set of stairs.

'Stop, Dominick. Please. I can't bear it. Please can we spend what may be our last moments together, together?' she whimpered.

He walked solomnley over to her and put his hands on her waist. She hung her arms over his neck and kissed him. It was fierce, passionate. They were filled up with more love and passion than I life could bring. Then, it was over. Declan, Michaela and Dianna burst into the room. They stood there, hugged so tight together that they might have been one body, Gabrielle sobbing into  Dominick's chest.

Michalea exploded with anger. She ran into the room.

 'So, Gabrielle has been keeping a thief's son in my house, has she?' she shouted. This angered Gabrielle, showing the side of her that had been bubbling up for years.

'He's not a thief! Dominick Cardington is not a thief! He's a good man and his family are good people! Just because you're so posh and stuck up! You don't understand! Just because a person has no money doesn't mean they have no heart, or  no brain!' she screamed.

'Gabrielle Mountain! You get out of this house now! Pack your things and go!' her mother screamed. Dianna had a smug smirk on her face as Gabrielle tore away from Dominick and ran downstairs. Declan tried to reason with her but Michaela was seeing red. There was no reasoning with her when she was like that.

'As for you, boy. Leave this house and never speak to my daughter again or I shall report you to the police!'

Dominick picked up his small bag and walked casually out. Gabrielle was packing her things, Grannie's diary, her laptop, photo albums, phone, money, family tree papers, clothes, pjamas, her teddy. That was it. Dominick was probably going to go home or else live on the streets so as not to be a burden to his mother. As for her, she would have to find somewhere. Maybe a college boarding house would let her stay.

Dominick entered her bedroom. She instantly through her arms around his neck, and he placed his around her waist. He hugged her tightly to him, as he cried for the second time in her presence. And this time, he was unashamed to do so.

'I'm forbidden to talk to you again!' he whispered, when they had recovered a bit.

'So let's make it a moment we won't forget.' she smiled with bleary eyes.

She gently held his shoulders, and they were lip to lip again. His tongue invited hers to play, and she accepted the offer gratefully. They twisted into each other. Once again, it was gentle and soft. But nothing lasts forever and soon, they had to leave without a word and wish that somehow, their paths might meet again.

The End

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