A week or so passed while Gabrielle decided what to do. She knew she couldn't leave them for long. That made them sound like they were incapible - they had lasted a long time without her, but could they last much longer? If Marisa got pregnant again, everything would go wrong. Somehow Gabrielle felt she must do something.

But as I said, baked goodies isn't enough. A family needs proper nourishment. Gabrielle decided that next tuesday, she would bring bananas and cheese and ham sandwhiches. She would bring healthy yogurts. She would shop for them. She had enough money, she got two pounds a week from each of her parents and an extra from Gramps. She was old enough to get a paper round and food was cheap the corner store near school. But what about living conditions? Maybe if she saved fifty pence each week, she'd be able to buy them cushions or possibly even another bed in time!

But she would have to start soon. The post office would be closed now, it was early evening. Tomorrow was Sunday, so she would have to apply after school on Monday, then hopefully start paper rounds the day after.

Would would happen if Marisa did get pregnant? Dominick would leave! She couldn't bear that. But what could she do? She might never see him again! But then, Gabrielle had an idea. A brilliant idea. She just had to tell Grannie. But what if someone read her diary? She would have to tell the grave stone instead. In seconds, she had her coat and shoes on and it only took minutes before she was at the graveyard.

'You know Grannie? You were right. One day I would find my way in life, you said. And I have. I'm going to keep Dominick in the house. No one will have to know. Only I go into your old room. I hope you don't mind me keeping him there, you'd like him Grannie. If things get rough that's what I'll do.' Gabrielle whispered to the gravestone as she knelt before it. She pulled up some weeds and cleared the patch around the daffodils - Grannie' favourite flower. The sun set over the trees in the grove.

Gabrielle didn't notice a shadow slip away near the bushes. Someone had been listening to a private conversation between grandaughter and the dead soul of her grandmother.

The End

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