28th November

Grannie's cupboard, New Diary

Dear Diary,

I'm hidden in Grannie's cupboard. She didn't mind me being in here when she was alive so I guessed she wouldn't mind now. The time is - well let's say it's not the 28th anymore. No one know's I'm here! 

In one corner of the cupboard, all her china doves are stashed. I coveted them when she was alive but now, I feel I can't touch them. It's like her soul lives on in them, just as much as in this diary, because her name was Dovie. Dovie Dorothea Lyle  - nee Byrde.

She had long grey hair which she always wore in a neat bun, and blue eyes that danced in the light. She wore silk nighties and purple floaty dresses. Then, her hair was never tied up - always messy and she always wore her nightie and she didn't play in the garden anymore. I'm writing this in this diary so it knows what became of her, sad though it is. Poor diary, must be wondering where its owner has gone! All of a sudden Grannie stops writing and a strange girl with a similar hand starts.

But enough about Grannie, it's making me want to cry. I shouldn't. I won't. She wouldn't want me to cry. She would be proud of what I'm going to tell you.

Well, I got lost in town today, and I made a new friend. He's very poor but I'm going to help him. His name is Dominick. He's very small and has longish brown hair. He looked very hungry, there was a starved look about his grey eyes. I felt sorry for him. He said that he only had breakfast if he did jobs for people, he had to work for it. So I want to help him, change that. I want to help all of them.

Mum and Dianna would say it's wrong to be in that part of town. Mum would worry about my saftey in the slums whereas Dianna would scorn me for making such poor friends and start talking about her posh group. She doesn't understand anything about doing good. She's so naive and thinks all is good if her hair is perfect (major world crisis if its not) and trots along behind Ebony-Rai; willing to do anything to be one of the well-bred lot.

So you see? Only Grannie and I can know this. I'm telling her know and she's nodding and smiling and how I wish it wasn't an imaginary figure!

The End

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