So Gabrielle closed her Grandmother's ancient book and stood. She decided to go the long way home, accross the huge graveyard and round the whole city, finally going round the post office on Sallice Street and making her way back from there, instead of pushing through the thick, overgrown bracken and down the secret lane that comes out the back of thesmelly resturant Fish Heaven - that lots of tourists went to and therefore making all locals avoid it as much as possible.When they did pass it they gave it a wide berth, therefore making it perfect for Gabrielle to hang out near it. 
                        It would give her more time and space. But she ran, skidding round a corner and bumping hard into someone. It was Mr Junoire, the head teacher of Blue Primary. A shouty, fat man that spent his time telling young children off and eating chocoalte biscuits or stirring his tea.
                         'Watch where you're going, girl!' he yelled as Gabrielle sped off. He had never liked her since she spilt her juice in his office when she was six. She had been in his office because she was her year's council representative. It was cruel to have a grudge against a girl so innocent for a thing she did so young. Why was a little bit of juice so significant? But that was who he was and there was no changing him. He had sent her home immediately and Grannie had come to pick her up and wipe away her tears and cradle her in her arms.
                        That was when Grannie had been younger and stronger. However in the years before she got Dementia, she hadn't even been able to pick up a plate of food. She was so frail and unstable that she had stayed in her soft chair in the lounge most of the time. 
                    Gabrielle got to her house, reached up for the door handle, quietly let herself in and slipped up stairs. Grabbing a neatly wrapped parcel from her room, she tiptoed into her Gramps' room and placed the package on his pillow. Downstairs there was loud laughter. Gabrielle crept back into her room and sat and wrote for hours into the night.

The End

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