A Sad Affair (Uneditted first draft)

                  It was Gramps' birthday, and in the Mountain household, a party was being held. Michaela busied herself preparing the roast dinner in the kitchen, while Dianna, Gabrielle, Declan and Gramps sat around the table, chatting and laughing in high spirits.
                   Gramps - whose real name was Francis Pablo Lyle - was bald except a small moustache which perched on his upper lip. He had a largeish nose and sparkly blue eyes, creating an all round jolly appearance. 
                  Declan Paul Mountain, Michaela's husband, had black hair, receding in places and slightly grey too. He had dark green eyes and a shy smile.
                  Michaela Dovie Mountain herself, was Francis' daughter. She had pale brown hair, like her father used to, which fell to her shoulders and brown-green eyes. She wore a dark green apron and had a look of concentration on her face; cooking was not her favourite thing in the world.
                  Dianna sat next to her father, giggling delicately. She had short black hair and a pale face. She was pretty and sweet. However, her friend were all rich and posh, and she herself was as conceited as they were - so as to convince them that she too was of very high breeding.
                 But the one we are really focusing on in this story is Gabrielle, the tall girl to the right of gramps. She had sparkly green eyes and long black hair which was tied in a high ponytail. She wore a long sleeved red t-shirt and black jeans. She was quiet and sensible. Not often heard.

Mrs Mountain served up. The whole family leapt on it, scooping up everything except one potato, and eating like wild dogs. Then, there was the last potato. Dianna and Gabrielle both lunged for it with their forks. Dianna screamed.
'It's mine! I want it!'
'So what! I saw it first and I want it!
                  Gabrielle scowled and stormed upstairs. What a brilliant birthday for Francis Lyle.

The End

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