A Run-on Story

This should be interesting. It's probably going to sound like I'm five. This is just for fun. Don't even bother reading it! hahaha.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jane and she was very cute and super funny and one day she was walking down the street when suddenly she fell through a hole in the ground. 
A hole in the ground, she thought to herself as she tried to understand where she was and she was flailing around trying to break her fall but the fall never came.
Suddenly she landed swiftly on her feet and looked around herself but she couldnt see anything so when her eyes adjusted she was pretty excited by everything she could see around her like in those stories where they go into a cave and can't see much.
 What she saw was really crazy and awesome it was like a new world had just popped right in front of her eyes because there were sparkly crystals all around and they shined so beautifully but suddenly she heard a booming voice. 
"Who enters my domain" said a voice and the girl became very frightened but she thought it best to answer so she said "It's me, Jane" and the Thing laughed like it knew her and said "Ah, yes, I've been awaiting your arrival" and she became even more frightened and confused!  
It said "Yes, Jane, I know you are very very confused but I really do know you and I really do love you" and by now the poor girl was crying and she said "Why am I here, what happened to me, I want to go home!" and the thing said "Oh dear beautiful Jane I have loved you and always will love you and you have a finally found your way home and back to me so come dear child, come join me on my throne." 
"I'm not even supposed to talk to strangers" said Jane with a sigh but the Thing was quick to answer and said "Dear lovely child, I will not harm you I am just here to help you make your way into your kingdom whatever and wherever that may be because something has just happend to you and you cannot live on the Earth like the rest of the people, I know it's hard but somehow, now you're in a safer place so do not worry, do not be afraid."

Jane went to go join the Thing, whoever He, She, It may be, wherever He, She, It was.


Let. Your. Imagination. Run. Wild. And. Free. Forever. And. Ever.  

The End

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