He heard glass smash and the pirates grip grew lax, enough for Simeon to wrestle the blade from One-Eye, then elbow him in the ribs. He managed to push away and brandished the blade towards the pirate. When he looked, he saw one of his own men, a bottle in one hand, both hands holding the pirate’s arms back. He held the knife up.
            “Now then,” Simeon uttered, the blade drifting over the man’s body in contemplation. “What to do with you.” He found the blade seemed most attracted to the man’s other arm. “See, we could have avoided this situation if you hadn’t tried to pull this shit off. Seems you have as many brains as ships though so I guess it couldn’t be helped, eh?”
            One-Eye spat in his face.
            Simeon wiped the crap off his face and punched him in the gut. “Slimy little bastard!” He roared. “This could have gone much better for y—“
            “Lay the weapon down and  come with us and you won’t come to harm... much.” Simeon snapped around to see a guard holding a halberd aloft backed by two more.
            These were not numbers he could deal with. Simeon embedded the blade into the wood of the table and gave himself up.
            They guided him through the crowd of people who’d been avidly watching the scene unfold. Out of the pub they went, down the streets and the people looking warily from behind any form of cover to avoid trouble. The guards led them outside of the city up a hilled area where at the peak of one stood a large, impressive building and beside that, a small complex. A prison. Simeon was glad Garrin hadn’t got caught up in this.
            “May I ask what crime we are being imprisoned for?”
            “The crime I caught you doing.” Was all he replied.
            “You mean the self defence when a few moments previously he had the blade at my neck?” Simeon stopped and showed the guard the cut. The Guard stopped, sighed and grabbed a hold of him, pushing him forwards. “I’m just a trader, with wife and kids to support. I need to be getting back so that my family can have something to eat tonight!”
            “Yes, and I am the leader of Victum. I know a pirate when I see one sir. The easier you make this for me, the easier I’ll make this for you. Do I have to put you in binds and gag that open mouth of yours?”
            Simeon bit his tongue until it bled a little.
            They brought him through a gate and into a walled courtyard where at the far side stood the entrance to an ‘L’ shaped building. Inside Simeon could see rows of prison cells, some occupied.
            They were careful to split up Simeon and his crew. He was left in a small uncomfortable room with little more than a bed and bucket. When the guards left, Simeon said, to nobody in particular: “I ought to stick to raiding Louenites, they’re much more oblivious to everything.” It earned him a snort of laughter from somewhere nearby. Simeon looked out of his cell into the one opposite where two figures sat playing some game. They give out games?
            “There be more than a couple grains of truth in that lad.” He heard one of them say. He was surprised to know that he recognised the speaker.

The End

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