“Darkwater.” He spoke his last name. “They don’t just call me that ‘cause I make my enemies piss themselves neither." A dark smile stirred on the man’s face.
            “Here’s the Darkwater, washed up like some common flotsam on a dangerous isle, stranded by the looks of you, seeking my help. ‘Bout right?” He leaned forwards, his broad chest framed by his arms now leaning on the table.
            “I’d more say I’m temporarily between boats, looking for a good mercenary to help me select a new one. Unless you have you a ship?” He added, a little more hopefully than he’d wanted.
            “Not any more I don’t. I can’t help on that count, but I can give you some news. Looks like you aint had some for a while, eh?”
            Simeon grunted. News was not his priority right now, but he daren’t offend the pirate.
            “Victum recently got itself a new leader, a regular preacher he was. Shit about the past and vengeance and all that. Speaking out his arse he was, but they liked him, and when their old leader suddenly dropped it, they put him in. Now ships are stirring and somehow, our Pirate King is in talks with their leader. He wants nothing to do with it but they’re pressing him—“
            “Explains why the guards were so touchy.” He spoke, “What’re they pressing him with, what is going on?”
            “Revolution.” The man spat on the floor beside him and looked at Simeon. “Somebody ought slit that loud mouth’s throat and be done with it. That kinda shit aint good for us pirates. War just means more security in the docks and that means no good for all of us.”
            “Thanks for the time,” Simeon muttered, he didn't much care for revolutions and the like, more guards just means more thrill when I move my cargo around the dumb fucks. “But I gotta find me a ship so I’ll be off.” He nodded and turned to leave their table.
            He felt the pirates hand clasp his arm again and he went to smile at him in farewell, courtesies and all that.
            Then he felt himself being spun round, the pirate restraining his arms and with a knife to his throat.
            “Aye,” the pirate said in his ear, spittle flicking on his face. “A nice little chat. I wanted to get the  measure on you before I slit your throat, Darkwater.”
            “So much for brothers of the sea, eh?” Simeon growled and he felt his face redden, his fists trembling, the skin stretching taut. Now people where beginning to look towards them.
            “Yeah, so much indeed. That was my ship you sunk out there, my boat that’s at the bottom of the sea.” The blade pressed deeper into his neck.
            “So whilst I was killing your crew, you were out here, enjoying a drink or two?” He spat, fuck fear or any of that shit, he sank my boat too.
            “I trust my crew, Darkwater.” Simeon gasped as a sharp pain spread across his neck. He felt the trickle of blood run down his skin. “So here we are, two boatless captains. Call me One-Eye when your dead." What a stupid--
            “You’re gonna kill me, get it the fuck over with. But you should know I trust my crew too—“

The End

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