“I need you to keep a watch, listen and tell me of any sense of treachery. Something is coming, I know it is. I require your help as I search for the answers.” Garrett told him.
            He could do that at least. “’Tis a shame my younger brother is not here, he is very good at discovering treachery.” Devlin chuckled.
            “This is no joke, Devlin.” The old man said with such a serious face.
            “You think I jest?” Devlin said, taken aback. “He truly is very good.” Once Edaran had`followed him throughout the castle without his knowledge and discovered he had been stealing bottles of wine from his father’s stores. He had threatened to tell father unless Devlin let him have some unwatered. He had no choice in the matter of course, father would have been absolutely furious with him. Apparently that had been retribution from when he made Edaran’s time as a maid much more difficult. “But what do you know already?” Devlin asked.
            “Well I know this for sure. I was speaking to—“
            Somebody fell onto Devlin then, knocking him into the wall. Devlin pushed the person away before he realised it was Weston. He had forgotten Weston was here.
            “Oi, what are you playing at?” He roared. Weston turned around; it was obvious his cousin could barely see from how much he had had to drink.
            “S—sorry I—“ he was about to carry on when he was flung back around and punched, once again falling into Devlin. Devlin pushed him aside. He took one look at the attacker and then spat in his face.
            “That was my cousin your were hitting you know?” Devlin squared up to him. They were of a height, but that man was bulkier, with almost no hair and a thick bushy beard filled with scraps of food and driblets of wine.
            “Couldn’t give a fuck.” The man said, and went to punch Devlin. The difference between the two, was that Devlin had drank less. He grabbed the mans arm, squeezing tightly and moving it to the side, opening him up. With his other hand, Devlin smacked him in the gut.
            “You ought to, any idea who I am?” Devlin growled. The man was too busy squirming and groaning to reply, bent over from the impact. Devlin kneed him in the face and fell backwards.
            Apparently this was the only invitation that was needed. Apparently Weston had enraged a mob.
            Devlin turned quickly to Garrett. “Take my cousin and get him out, I’ll deal with these.”
            “Har!” The old man guffawed. “Know how long it’s been since I had a good tumble?” He replied and Garrett pushed forwards. One man tried to punch him with the weight of his body. Garrett moved to his side and the fellow went right past him. He kneed the man in the groin and put his fists up for the other four.
            Devlin grabbed his back. “I need my cousin to be safe, this was his fight, so my responsibility.” Devlin said.

The End

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