It was a long time, and the sun had finally dropped below the horizon when they came in sight of the room.
            Right at the very end of the corridor stood the oaken doorway, at the highest point of the south-western tower overlooking the sea. Edaran had never been inside before, but he was about to, he guessed. It thrilled him to think he was so close to his sister after so many days. They approached  the door.
            Then they heard the cough behind them.
            Edaran turned, and there stood Tommy.
            “After hours, Edaran.” Was all he said, and his hand clamped so hard around Edarans arm that he almost screamed before remembering he was close to Eldin’s room. With any look, he’d get a slap on the wrist and sent back to his hole.
            He was not lucky.
            Tommy steered him straight across the rest of the distance towards the door and rapped hard upon it. He turned around towards Clara.
            “Go to bed girl, or Eldin will be very cross.” He warned. She blinked, and ran as fast as she could away.
            Edaran felt betrayed. She had said she would help him, tell Eldin to let him go. She had lied. But then could Edaran really blame her. The one time he had met Eldin, he had found the man terrifying.
            Then he opened the door.
            Edaran squirmed to flee Tommy’s grip but it was too tight.
            “Oh Edaran, I am so disappointed.” Eldin could jump out of his tower window for all Edaran cared about disappointing him. “Thank you Tommy, leave him with me.” Tommy let go, and Edaran was about to bolt when Eldin’s hand shot out, snatched him and shoved him inside. Edaran fell to the floor as Eldin slammed the door shut and stood before it.
            Edaran glared up at him. “You better not hurt me, father will be furious.” He threatened.
            Eldin simply laughed at that. “Edaran, little Ed, why would I want to hurt you?” He held out his hand to lift Edaran up but Edaran knocked it away and got up by himself. He managed to take a quick look at the room. It was a fancy one alright, filled with silks and velvets of azure blue, reds and whites, the Drayvon colours.
            “You...” He wouldn’t hurt Edaran? Surely he couldn’t believe that. He braced himself for whatever Eldin would try.
            “Relax Edaran. I shall not hurt you.” He said. The smile... Edaran could almost believe it now. “I have no need to hurt you. Dalaena dear, tell him what you were telling me.” He said.
            Edaran spun round and searched. He couldn’t see her anywhere. He almost turned to look at Eldin when he found her. She sat under the covers of the bed.
            She looked—Edaran couldn’t describe it, but she was very pale, the space around her eyes slightly red and her hair was dishevelled. There was no expression in her voice or face as she spoke.
            “I was telling my darling husband.” She began, and looked over to Eldin. He followed her gaze then turned back around. “I said how much I wish you weren’t here, how I much do not want to see you. How I wish you would go, now.” Edaran took a step back. It felt like he had been struck.
            “Now, now Dalaena.” Eldin placed an arm around Edaran. “Surely you cannot be so cruel?”
            “But why not?” Dalaena spoke. “He needs to hear it.” She finished, and pulled the covers up. Edaran felt his back hit the door.
            He turned, ripped it open and ran, faster than Clara had.

The End

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