Edaran missed home. Not the broken home he had been a part of for the last three years, but the old home, where everyone was happy, healthy and there.
            So then, confident in his ability, how could he possibly give away the chance to see his sister. If not for the simple chance to see her, then to better understand why she hadn’t seen him. He wanted an explanation. An explanation on everything, not just the neglect. Why had she brought him here in the first place, if she knew this is what it was going to be like?
            The pair of them entered the top floor. It was far less crowded up there, in fact there were only one or two servants that often came this way, and them only to clean, but servants were not his problem, his problem was guards.
            Clara led the way, skipping as she went with absolutely no fear. Edaran was far more cautious. If he even thought he saw a guard, he would duck behind a doorway or a statue or even stacks of crates and barrels as Clara skipped along. The guard or servant would pass, and he would run to catch up with her. He guessed she didn’t care because she lived here, she could do as she pleased. Yet her blatant carelessness served to his advantage. Often Clara would call out names of people as they approached. This seemed a common thing; those people would usually shake their heads and let out exasperated sighs. She always seemed to get their names wrong. It gave Edaran plenty of time to react however.
            They managed to make it over half way across the top floor of the keep, a prodigious feat considering the sheer size of the place, before they were stopped.
            A curly, russet haired guard came towards them whom Clara called Temmy. He stopped just ahead of her so she nearly bumped into him. Edaran had hidden behind a large barrel.
            “Tommy, as you well know.” The guard held his hands to his waist. “Is this another of your silly little games, what are you doing up here?” He moaned.
            “Playing Temmy, I like it up here. None too many people.” She spat out her tongue.
            “And it would have nothing to do with that Dalaena then, would it?” He raised his eyebrows.
            “Oh who cares if it was, you’re just a guard. You can leave now, you’re boring me.” He laughed a hoarse guffaw.
            “Little girl better be careful who she calls just a guard. And you know what your father said. No seeing to Lady Dray anymore.” He reminded her.
            “Well father aint here, so I don’t care what he said.” She was being oddly insolent. Edaran liked it.
            “Isn’t and you wouldn’t be saying that if he were here now would you.” He chided, but she held her ground well.
            “But he aint, so get out my way now... please.” The man sighed and brushed passed her on his way. Edaran had to fight hard to stop himself from giggling. The man seemed to notice and stopped right in front of the barrels. He looked around, then back at Clara, who stood staring at him in that way she liked to do it.
            The guard shrugged and kept going. Edaran and Clara waited until he couldn’t be seen and resumed their pace.

The End

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