“Is Delly... Is she well liked here?” Edaran hesitated with his question.
            “Well that depends on who you ask.” She said, and jumped off his bed. “I think she is the best person ever. My older sister Lena follows father like she was him, herself. She stays away from Dell—Dalaena. I’ve seen her give awful looks.” She brooded, a little bit of anger there. “Astor seems interested in her, though I don’t quite know. Sometimes he is all arrogant and other times, he is really nice, it is all very confusing.” She rolled her eyes again, and stepped towards the door. “Damyen was always really nice and then Eldin... well I understand Eldin worse than I understand Astor.” So Dalaena didn’t have it so easy here. She wasn’t making family; she was being shunned by another. It was difficult to think of her, so lonely, with but a few windows of opportunity to speak to others. Quite like how Edaran had been feeling since he had gotten here. Well until now.
            Edaran suddenly had a whole new appreciation for Clara.
            “Aren’t you coming?” She said, as she had reached the door. Edaran watched her, unmoving.
            “Coming where?” She was such a strange thing. “It’s coming towards nightfall; I’m supposed to be sleeping.” He said.
            “Didn’t you say nothing would stop you from seeing Dalaena?” She asked. He was so frozen then, he could barely even blink. She wants to go see Delly? He wanted it, really badly, especially now that he knew it was not all her fault. But he would make Eldin mad, if he ever found out.
            “Eldin will—“
            “—not know, and if he does, I will tell him to let you go. He’s my brother don’t forget, it’s not like he will hurt me.” Once more she rolled her eyes. “Would you let me go on my own?” She groaned then and opened the door. She was already running up the stairs, so Edaran had to sprint in order to catch up to her
            Edaran was good at this. He had spent more hours than he cared to count sneaking about the castle, for all types of reasons. Sometimes he liked to do it just to see if he could, see how far he could get before somebody said something to him. Once he had learned certain trips, he could move all about Dawnrose several times over before anybody noticed him. At other times, when he wasn’t trying to discover the culprits of the various crimes that were committed, he would simply hide in one spot and listen to the conversations, to discover new things. Most of the time however, he wanted to just get away from being the son of a Lord or the student or the boy in trouble, and find a good spot to disappear, most of the time, he would clamber up to the rooftops and sit there for hours. The one time he did this, he had completely forgotten his duties and even fallen asleep. Everyone believed him to be missing, so they sent out a search party. When he discovered this, he went straight to his father. He would have though his father would simply be glad to see him and that would be the end of it, but no. He had been ordered to work with a servant for the day. Devlin had followed him round the castle, making plenty of mess just to laugh at him.

The End

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