“Edaran?” A voice called out. He recognised it, and it surprised him, although he pretended to still be asleep. “Edaran?” It called out again. He heard the faintest of scuffling and for a moment he thought the person to be gone. Then he felt hands shake him roughly. “Edaran!” She shouted. He rolled over to see Clara.
            Edaran rubbed his eyes, as if she had just woken him. “What?” He grumbled.
            “Sorry about old scruff face.” She smiled. It took him a whle to realise she was referring to the Sergeant.
            “Yeah right, I heard you laughing.” She giggled then, just like Dalaena, only her voice was far more shrill. It was annoying.
            “Only for a little bit though.” She hopped onto his bed, looking at him. She stared constantly. That was annoying too. “But scruff face always takes it too far. He’s a grumpy old sot.” She blew a raspberry then, at nobody in particular.
            “Well you could of helped.” He moaned, and pulled out an arm he’d been leaning on. As well as creases from lying on the bed, the whole thing was a yellowish colour, as if he had taken a dive in custard. She grasped it in her dainty fingers and inspected it.
            “He doesn’t listen to me.” She pouted, and then dropped it. “Or else I would have him training me too.” She folded her arms; Edaran put his back under the cover.
            “If you call that training.” Edaran frowned, unwilling to recall any of the beating he had taken. “Back home, our Sergeant taught us good things, like how to make a man fall right into your sword.” He remembered fondly. That was what they had been working on before he had left. Devlin had helped him refine that art too.
            Clara had pulled herself to her knees, her face closer to his. “Do they train girls there too?” She wondered.
            “No.” Her face fell instantly. “Well, Actually I do not know, Delly was never interested in swords so far as I knew. So, maybe.” Edaran had always assumed girls didn’t have the talent for it. Boys protected girls, and that was how it was supposed to be, right?
            “Delly?” She asked.
            “Oh yeah, Dalaena.” He explained. Her eyes lighted up.
            “Oh!” She jumped off the bed then, and went to close the door, though peaking outside into the corridor first. “Dalaena is so nice, when she got here nearly a year ago, I used to chat to her every night. I would come into her room, and she would tell me all about Dawnrose and the wonderful fields of white flowers.” She went off on her tangent. “She used to braid my hair, sometimes she had a little crown of daisies ready for me, and we would talk all night.” It made him angry, the way she spoke. So this is what Dalaena had been doing whilst he was left at home with little Deglan and his parents. She was here getting a new family, leaving Edaran. Now that he finally had her back, she had not bothered to visit in many days. “Delly.” The girl let the word roll of her tongue. Edaran had almost forgotten she was there. “Delly. It’s a funny word. Oh Delly is so pretty too. I hope that I  look like her one—“
            “—it’s Dalaena to you, and she is my sister, not yours. We belong home, not here in this stupid place!” He yelled.
            “Well you aint home now are you?” The girl snapped back, and then seemed surprised at her own words. “We’re the only family you’ve got.” She said finally. She came to his side and leaned against his bed. “Sorry, but I guess you will just have to make do.” She rolled her eyes.

The End

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