“Ah, the loss of your son. I must offer my sympathy to you, Lord of Drayvon.” Damyen nodded his appreciation. “I can quite justly say, I can empathise with you, so when I say I am sorry, you know that I mean it.”
            “And I am sorry for yours, My King. I am gracious.” Damyen bowed then and the King acknowledged him.
            “Then here we two be, in mutual states of mourning, content with the others words of condolence =.” If the King were implying anything, Damyen cared not, he had come here to fulfil a purpose, and he could not forget that.
            “What I ask, Your Majesty, is but a small thing. If you do understand my grief, then you understand my need for vengeance. Most of all you, you who would understand my desire to fill the hole left—“
            “—my father, great man, once told me that the strength of a man is not what he holds about him, or even what he holds in his hand, but what he holds within.” The King interrupted. It chafed against Damyen, but he would not let it show.
            “An amusing digression, your Majesty, but—“
            “—he said, those that would seek to hold the most, often drop everything they hold from the sheer weight, especially if they are not strong inside.” He explained. “This was the duty and sacrifice of Kings, to bear the weight for others to walk upon.”
            “A great man, your father was. I once fought alongside him against the Rouenites.” Damyen smiled and puffed up his chest, an attempt to encourage the King. “So he would under—“
            “—he finished his explanation with a demonstration. He gave me all the sweet things I used to love so much, then bid me eat them. It was hard enough for me to hold them, let alone eat them, but I tried and they fell from my hands. He laughed then and said ‘no enjoyment you will get from them now, eh?’ so you know what I did?” King Leons eyebrows raised.
            “Enlighten me, My King.” Daymen could feel his face beginning to redden. Did the man take him for a fool?
            “First, I yelled at him, I stomped my feet, I commanded him to open them for me, and to that he told me ‘you command nothing of a King’ so then finally, I put them down, all the sweets I had tried to pick back up, and I ate them, one by one. Well father was not pleased with that, but I’d beaten him at his game, at least.” King Leon seemed to chuckle to himself as his finger touched the feathers of the owl, his eyes transfixed on it. “You know I still find it difficult to understand that lesson. Especially the last part.”
            “Some men jealously guard their sweets; others share them, to lighten their lot. ‘Tis an old story, Your Majesty.” Damyen hinted.
            “This is true, one could suppose, but it is also true that after all, it is the bearers choice as to whom should receive the sweets.” He looked straight into Damyens eyes. Damyen could not hold his stare. “What sweet have you come to ask from me, Lord of Drayvon?” Finally, the King did understand. There was more to that lesson, of course. It went on to explain the importance of choosing the people you wished to hold the sweets wisely. Damyen had read of it in a Book of Kings or some such treatise.

The End

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