They each put their own on and immediately they looked more like Victumians, then he and his men wrapped Travvers up in the one he’d gotten for himself. Really there was little difference between Victumians and Louenans, except Victumians often had skin like tanned leather from the heat of their sun which burned much brighter there. That and their different sense of style.
            Finally Simeon and his men entered the town and Simeon decided he would come back for the body of his fallen comrade, and give him a true sailor’s burial.
            Cities in Victum felt much different than those of Louena. In Victum, it felt like you were walking back in time, but then this was known as the Old Land. It was more of a feeling than anything else, Simeon supposed it was just because the place was unchanged, people still acted like they were the only real civilization in existence. Things were more squares and dome here too, Louena favoured round structures and spires. The city was a square, the walls covered with a white substance, though parts of it were cracked and dirt ran up parts of the walls, whilst the walkways were wooden. The housing was white too, the ground paved with grey stone on the road, but between houses it was dirt. Many of the houses were flat topped with stairways on the sides of the building so you could sit under the sun; others had wooden beams supporting thatched shelters. There were many trees and even small oasis’ shimmering in the heat, were open-sided bridges allowed for transport to the other side.
            Some might have called it a haven, Simeon would have agreed if it didn’t have the stench of shit about it.
            They managed to get some way into the city and not a soul contested them, which comforted him greatly. Serfs walked around him, laden with goods like piles of lumber or bundles of hay. Cattle were being herded about by burly men and their dogs and all of the men wore simple loin cloths, the richer types pleated loincloths or coloured tunics with straw hats. Women strutted around, some in very light dresses, though many went nude due to the sun. Children ran about as naked as if they’d just been born. It had a wholly different feel from Louena were everybody was much more prude.
            As they walked by however, several men, holding pikes and bronze shields had been coming their way. Now they stopped and narrowed their eyes.
            “Halt.” Their leader ordered.

The End

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