He had been informed that inland, patrols rode about on horses, apparently shipwrecks were just common enough to warrant that necessity. To the south there was nothing for many leagues, but to the north was a sizeable port city, and a large train of soldiers moving away from it. It was perfect.
            Simeon wanted to see it for himself however and determine if the city bore any fruit before he made plans.
            It was risky, they couldn’t really enter the city unless they had a disguise and they couldn’t gain a disguise unless they entered the city. So Simeon observed the docks from outside the walls. There were several large ships, all too big and too difficult for his small crew to handle. However there was on ship, a small barge that would be just what they needed.
            Yet it was crawling with officers. Simeon wondered why, perhaps the owner was a criminal, a pirate, perhaps it had been seized, perhaps it’s just officers being bastards.
            Whatever the cause may be, Simeon wanted it. It looked like a good ship, but no more special than any other, no, what was more apt, it was swarming with people he hated, and taking it from under them, heavily outnumbered, would be incredibly satisfying to him.
            “That one.” He had pointed towards it.
            “But—“ one of his men gasped, “—look at them all.”
            “I know.” Simeon smiled.
            “We’re too weak.” Another said.
            “I know.” Simeon’s smile broadened.
            “They’ll kill us.” Another muttered.
            “Maybe. They can try at least, yet if they fail, how dumb shall it make them look?” He barked in laughter and slapped his knee.
            “Yes!” His first-mate roared. The last member of his crew joined in his revelry too.
            “Travvers, we need some clothes to help us blend in, do you think you can help us out?” Simeon asked and Travvers nodded. “Go do it then.”
            The man ran to the streets.
            Simeon didn’t have a good view of him from this distance, so he waited for some time. Travvers had always been a loyal one, strong and non-too prone to asking an abundance of pointless questions. He just did what he had to.
            So when Travvers ran towards them holding bundles of cloth, he wasn’t surprised. What did surprise him, was when he fell forwards to the ground and Simeon noticed a hole in his back, gushing blood and from it protruded a bolt.
            Simeon had closed his eyes, taken a breath and resolved to carry on the task as quickly as possible.
            The clothes were simple yet odd strips of line. Each was tattered and slightly torn, a greyish colour which Simeon vaguely recognised. They wrapped around the head first, he remembered, then the mouth, leaving a gap for the eyes and the nose, and finally wound around the neck before it spread out like a cloak to the ground. Simeon imagined it was the good protection from the sun, which bore down on them with such a heat, it had made his head ache once more.

The End

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