The Pride of Popping, he would have to get used to calling it that, sailed slowly across Heart Lake until it reached the western side of Heartland. From here the city ran up hill, tightly packed with myriad housing both residential and non-residential. It was easily the biggest city he had ever seen, at least regarding its population. Fort Victory, thecapital of Victum, was larger having had thousands of years to grow, but whereas Fort Victory  was a sprawling mess, its eyes wide open, Louenon embraced its houses tightly and jealously.
            Thankfully his ship had cleaned easily enough for his men to handle. He had stopped in a cave on the south side of the island and his men had gone to work on it for a whole day, whilst he inspected the damage to both of the ships, and both looked to be in a good way, it seemed to him. That was a good thing of course, and he had sent a quarter of his men, six of them, off to the Pirate King of Aenon, to give him the ship as a good will gesture. He intended to pay the man back and soon. He had told the brave lads he would return to come and get them. He had half lied. He would come to Aenon, but he would probably never see the poor bastards again owing to the fact that the Guild Master as he preferred to be called, would assume that they were part of that gesture, but he hoped it would help appease him enough not to put a mark on Simeon’s head.
            He had, naturally, sent his worst men,.
            Simeon wanted more ships and more crew, he couldn’t afford to hand out his best. When you were a renowned scavenger, you gained respect, but the ones that were remembered and feared most by the world were the real raiders. The ones who sailed with a small fleet and devastated villages and small towns.
            The legends of the sea were those that took cities and gave that fear to Kings.
            That would have to wait though, and probably a long time too. After each job, he spent as much coin as he could to make this all feel worthwhile, but he always saved a little. A couple of coin here, a few valuable trinkets there. This he used for emergencies such as debts or paying off fucking customs officers!
            He always tried to save at least a small amount for more ships however. Often he would travel to Aenon to gather more crew too; there were good people there if you had the eye for them. At the moment his crew was large enough to man at least three ships, and each had the experience for it too, but that wasn’t enough to loot a good village, nor did he have the fighters for it. Simeon would not take unnecessary risks, chancing the loss of valuable sailors. He would wait, ‘til he was old and infirm if that’s what it took.

The End

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