As he made his way to walk back to his room, he couldn’t help but think of his sister.
            Eldin had split the two of them up for no reason that Edaran could understand. If she could see him now, she would tut, make a jibe and then give him a kiss on each cut and bruise he had acquired on his face.
            Tonight, she would have tucked him into bed and sang that song he liked. He remembered the words, sometimes he would add his voice to her wonderful one before she shushed him, because she was trying to help him to sleep. Finally, she would kiss his forehead, extinguish the fire on his candle and leave him.
            That was what he remembered of her over a year ago, before she had left him to get married.
            Now she was married to that stupid man, who had hurt him, and she had done nothing to stop him, and he was all alone in this stupid place and everything hurt all over!
            He let out a breath, and continued walking.
            It was when he had gone past a door in the tower that contained his room when he heard the voices.
            He stopped walking.
            The room, as he knew it, was a guest room, although as far as he was aware, the castle had no guests at the moment save him. A surprise to be sure.
            He deliberated between running to his room and staying. There was no contest, he could not help himself.
            Edaran edged closer to the door, his ear ready to listen to whatever was being spoken behind it. Marten had often called him nosy and he had not lied. When he was six, he had solved the identity of the cake thief. It had been their wolfhound, Longfir he had called it, before she died of old age. Since then, he had made it his business to find out everything that happened in Dawnrose. Like how Arran often disappeared to pick flowers and leave them outside Dalaena’s room in his spare time. Like how their father had ordered their mother’s handmaidens to not treat their mother because he was so certain she was not sick. He knew much of the happenings of his old home, so why shouldn’t he find out some things about his new one?
            A whole new fruit for him to try.
            The voices behind the door were faint. One was low and sounded foreign, though Edaran knew not from where. The other sounded familiar, but different, as if somebody was badly changing their voice to remain hidden. 
            “I’m doing as you said m—“
            “Eh, don’t call me that!” The odd voice snapped.
            “Sorry.” The foreigner said more quietly. “But I am. How am I supposed to do any more if you make it harder?”
            “A necessity, deal with it or I’ll find others.” There was a slight shuffling.
            “Have you gotten any of the information you need?”
            Edaran’s eyes widened, he pressed himself so close to the door his arms laid against it.
            “No, it’s slow going.” The foreigner growled. “More people trickle in and it would be helpful if you had more to give.”
            “Well you have what I can offer you. Just remember, when the time comes, to stick to your side.” The odd voice ordered.
            There was more shuffling.
            Getting louder.
            Edaran ran. He did not dare to look back to see who it was. He had to get away so he wasn’t caught.           
            He ran all the way to his room till he had no breath left.
            Whatever was going on, he had no idea of it, but that it sounded dreadfully dangerous. Edaran was determined to find out more.
            Then the footsteps sounded outside his room. Edaran gasped and dove into his bed, so scared that he closed his hand around the fire of his candle and burnt it.
            The door opened.

The End

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