Devlin had been met at the gates with much civility. He had recognised the Guard as on of the men in the army and apparently, the man had heard tales of Devlin that he had not known had spread. He was admitted into the capital, but the first tavern he tried to find boarding said that every inn, brothel and stable was taken by guardsmen, Lords and the like. He had been informed however, that the fields north of the Capital had become a gathering.
                Devlin left through the north ate and nearly fell off of his horse.
                It was huge.
                The Capital was at the centre of the three valleys, the east entrance faced inland whilst the north and west faced the sea, though that was some many leagues away. The land outside of the west entrance held the village of Louennon if you could call it that, and stretched the entire distance from castle to shore, but the north land was normally a stretch of flat green land not yet utilised for housing.
                Not today.
                Tents, pavilions and flags filled the space as far as could be seen, bigger than most war camps that Devlin had ever witnessed.
                Knights from all over Louena as well as hedge knights, squires, common soldiers, anonymous fighters and such had made a home here. Looking at the sigils flapping and snapping in the wind showed just what kinds of people were here. Every House that was a House stood closest to the castle walls, even self made banners flew high.
                 There was the twin roses of Drayvon on the blue field, the rearing horse if Ridling on the brown field, the baying wolf of Garder within a bed of wheat on a purple field. Beside those stood the castle tower of Forditude on a grey field, the big and little lily of Vaelthran on a white field, the bed of flowers against the colour of red of Rosenfield and the flock of crows in flight of House Corvus nea that on a light grey field. Devlin even saw the greatsword of Tallor on its golden field and so many more that some he recognised and some he did not. Just a little way down however, Devlin spied the banner split in two, part white rose and part poppy of his cousin. It seemed like there would be no space for a tent, even if Devlin had brought one, so he made his way over to the poppy.
                When he reached it, he slipped of his horse and tied it to a post that had been planted nearby. He opened the tent flap to the sound of moaning. Devlin could not help but notice, in his surprise, a female sat nude on the lap of his cousin.
                “Apologies.” He said without realising it. “I shall come at a better time..” he let go of the canvas and the tent fell shut. Devlin stepped away, taking a deep breath. That was not the image of his cousin he wanted in his mind.

The End

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