As the maids poured the boiling water in to her bath, many thoughts crossed her mind. What had caused him to be this way, for she had not left him quite so bad? She knew something had happened since last she had been in Ascocen, maybe it was Damyen, and maybe he had said something. Yet Eldin was right, she understood the arrangement now, but she would not accept it.
                Dalaena refused to stand idly by and watch him harm her little brother. If it came to is, she could always run away, make plans, save money, find a place that would take her, save her. She could do this thing. Could she though? She still loved him, still yearned for him and she had come here to rule, her father wanted her to rule. You will do all in your power to remain the heir to Ascocen, he had told her, and she would. She would honour her father.
                Dalaena slipped from her clothes and sat in the water. She still wanted to scream, so she submerged and allowed the water to rise above her nose, her eyes, her hair and her head. Once under the waves she roared in plumes of bubbles that tickled her face. She screamed and shrieked and swore until all the breath had left her and dark spots began to cling to the corners of her eyes and all the air had left her lungs.

The End

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