“Try to board my ship will you?” He barked in laughter. The Captain’s accent and look was somewhat foreign. At a guess he would have said the man was Aeneon
                The Aeneon were a set of small islands each with their own quirks, somewhere to the south of Louena. They were well known for their spices and an odd bean called cacao.
                Simeon had visited them many times before, but not for a long time. On one of the islands, a band of pirates had come together. They called themselves the Guild of Pirates, most of them being convicts of Louena, they thought of it as a fuck you to their mother country. Simeon had learned some of the finer points of raiding there, and often some of the most famed pirates would stay there to lay low.
                “So, yer Darkwater, eh?” His eyes flicked about, then settled on him, his lips curling to a gap-toothed smile.
                “Aye, that be me, why?” Simeon spat right next to his head.
                “Ol’ Tridan  ain’t happy with you, no he aint.” Simeon frowned. ggg “He says you owe him money.” Oh shit
                “Well I guess I’m thankful you came along then ain’t I.” Simeon barked out a laugh. Seems to me as this big beauty could get me quite the tidy profit.” Now the man spat at him, splatting on his face.
                Simeon smashed him in the eye, cutting his skin.
                “Fuck you—!”
                “What’s your name?” Simeon growled. He wanted to remember this one.
                “Danell, remember that when I come back to kick yet arse, ‘live or dead.”
                “An’ I’d kill you; only methinks there’s much more fun in tossing you to the sea, with it always on your mind that I beat your sorry ass.” He grabbed the man by the scruff of the neck.
                “You’ll regret this; you wait ‘till I see yer again.”
                “Aye, an’ I’ll beat you again.” Simeon dragged him bodily across the length of his ship and threw him overboard.
                The first thing that crossed his mind, was just how much blood had fallen. His ship’s timbers would be saturated with the stuff, dripping to the lower decks. It would take his boys hours to scrub it out, longer for the smell to fade, and he wouldn’t be able to go into a public docks ‘till it was cleaned.
                Simeon thrust the thought out of his mind, and instead went below. It was disappointing really. Sure, there were some spices, a few purses of coin, some leathers and silks all good for selling, but that was all and wouldn’t give him nearly the amount he would have liked. In the Captain’s quarters he found a tapestry still in good order. He didn’t understand what it was supposed to depict but it looked pretty enough. He would have to hope that the ship got him enough money to pay off what he owed. This guy was not somebody you wanted to owe money to.

The End

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