They stood back to back then, once more he faced three foes, each holding swords. He blocked the first and grabbed the second mans arm, blocking the third. He thrust the mans arm backwards, breaking it and making him stab himself in the throat. He kicked at the third man, then moved the body of the second before himself and the first. He pushed the body into the attacker and stabbed down at the third man as he lay on the floor, blood pouring upwards like a fountain.
                The first man had risen again, pushing the body off him. He jabbed. Simeon parried and went to counter but he raised his blade to knock it out of the way and sliced from across his body. Simeon moved and swung the blade down, around and overhead. His own falchion made contact with the man’s sword and the attackers heels dug into the ground from the force of it.
                Simeon thrust his knife at the man but with his own hand, he pushed Simeon’s knife out of the way and charged at him, knocking Simeon’s blades from his hands.
                The man punched him in the nose and he felt it break. He let out an involuntary cry put tried to push him off. The man resisted and grabbed the knife from beside him. He went to plunge it into Simeon’s head who grabbed the man’s wrist. With as much strength as he could he tried to push it away but he was losing.
                Then the man’s eyes opened wide and he went limp against Simeon. He elbowed him away and looked up to see his first mate pull his blade up in a shower of blood.
                He smiled at Simeon then who began to get up. Then the smile turned to shock as a pirate who had been on the floor had a hold of Simeon’s own dirk and pushed it into his first mate’s ankle.
                Anger filled him, he pushed his first mate aside and stomped on the mans head once, twice, again and again until it was nothing more than bloody pulp.
                He picked up his dirk and looked around.
                His men were winning, he could see. They pushed back the last of the invaders and slaughtered them.
                Red Reaver was soaked in blood. Truly red now.
                He couldn’t help but smile as the blood dripped from his figure and the sweat plastered his hair to his face.
                On the other ship still was the captain, now desperately trying to break the fastenings between his and Simeon’s boats.
                Simeon sauntered over the planks and approached him.
                The Captain held out a curves scimitar.
                “Stay the fuck away from me or I’ll gut yer!” He growled. Once more, with a deft flick, the dirk left his hand and embedded itself in the man’s sword-shoulder.
                The Captain twisted as he fell, landing awkwardly.
                He kicked away the scimitar and planted his foot on the Captain’s chest, then kneeled down, one foot still on him and twisted his dirk before he took it back. The cry of agony brought another smile to his face.

The End

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