“Send them back into the sea.” He smiled with a manic glee as he drew his falchion. He heard his men yell “death” and “Darkwater” and felt a shock of exhilaration shoot up his body.
                At the call of the Darkwater, the Captain of the ship had started. Aye, let him now know who he just boarded, let him fear.
                The first man who came upon him swung wildly with an axe. Simeon moved bodily away and sliced upwards, slashing him across the belly and chest and feeling the blood splash across his own face. He smiled, raised his blade and roared. He moved forwards a step and another man had already reached him, whilst another one was running up as if insane. With a flick of the wrist, he threw his dirk into the man’s neck, and with his other arm, shifted his blade to block the man’s overhead strike. He picked the knife from his waist and gutted him, innards spilling onto the floor.
                A further three men had already reached him now.
                One swiped, he blocked and backed off, then with his knife, simultaneously blocked another swing and stepped back again to avoid the swing of the third man’s hammer.
                The first and second man was already attacking again. With his falchion he blocked the attack and with his knife, knocked the other jab away. His falchion carried on moving, right into the first man’s chest.
                The third with the hammer swept at him. Simeon span around, the first man, hand still on his falchion. The hammer knocked the man to the floor who seemed to shudder and twitch, but now his sword was free. He span back around, slashing at the second man as he did and throwing his knife at the third man. Both blades hit and the men crumpled before him.
                As another man approached, axe raised, he rolled and grabbed his knife from the body, moving slightly past the attackers hacking and slashing his legs as he went. He felt the blade slice against bare as the man let out a scream. Simeon stood up and planted his falchion firmly down the back of his neck and through the entirety of his torso.
                By now, the floor was slick with wet blood all around him.
                His own clothes were drenched with sweat and blood.
                As he got up from his roll, he noticed he was being surrounded. Would these bastards ever stop coming?
                Now it was all he could do to block every single strike. They rained down innumerably and a few managed to slice his arm, his upper thigh, though none too deeply, and the blood flowed within him so quickly, so loudly, all he could feel was the blades in his hands and the laughter coming unbidden from his mouth.
                One of the men butted him in the face with the handle of his sword and he fell to his knees hard.
                He thought it was over.
                Then he heard a clash of steel.
                He looked up and his first mate stood beside him, blocking the first man to try and kill him. Simeon got up, wiping his busted lip and joined his old friend.

The End

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