It was a full sized war galley decked out to cause some major damage in a small amount of time.
                Fuck me bloody!
                Her sails were black with the crossed swords insignia of a pirate, but she was a big ship, so she’d be awkward on the sea in comparison to his sleek corvette.
                Simeon knew the ship had noticed him, even here, voice heavily muffled, he heard the shout.
                “Turn her around.” Simeon ordered.
                “And run away?” the first mate retorted.
                “We ain’t running, now do as I say.” He growled, his voice dangerously low. This would hurt him more than his ship, but he needed to take some hits.
                The arrows came in a flashing volley. Some landed on the deck but his men were ready. A couple thunked harmlessly on the side of the ship or in plopped into the water. He was thankful that none touched the sails.
                A trebuchet fired and punched a hole deep into her mid parts, but he kept turning.
                His ship moved slowly as most of his men’s strength was spent quelling the damage, but she turned fast enough and now, as their target became smaller, but he was damaged, the bigger ship turned and gave chase.
                Perfect, let them come.
                Simeon knew that if a ship turned too quickly, a good Captain would think up three possibilities, there was no point giving chase due to speed, that it was a trap or that they simply did not want to give away their good position.
                He had faced north east so that the pirates target was bigger and more like to hit. If he then turned tail, the pirate ship would take advantage of the fleeing ship’s wound and come to claim their prize thinking her easy pickings.
                Let them fucking come.
                It did not take long for the bigger ship to catch him, as it began the early stages of boarding, there was only one thing to do, to look the part still further.
                “Gents, let’s give this bitch a good ramming!” He shouted. As the ships were now side by side, his men roared and knocked into the galley.
                He had to look like he wanted to avoid being boarded, let the pirates put their guard down.
                “Stop running you lil’ shits an’ might be I’ll make your sticky ends a lil’ less bloody!” He heard the shout from the galley and noticed the Captain leaning over his rails. He thrusted into the ship once more and the Captain lurched where he stood.
                He let doubt creep into his voice as he answered. “We got us soldiers aboard, you might want to think twice!”
                The Captain laughed. “A bluff, gerrem men!” The grappling hooks and boards sailed into the air and hooked into place on the rails.
                “Port side!” he called out, his men ran to meet the pirates.
                As they clambered over her side, they roared some cry and brandished their weapons.

The End

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