The gates were open, what with the recent traffic of people approaching the capital, it would take too long to open and close them, so whilst they remained open, the guards admitted people inside.
                It was a pleasing sight from the outside looking in, a mass of greenery with flowing willows  and a fountain with the statue of an owl, and a spray of water creating rainbows as the foam drifted around to create a mystical effect.
                Damyen moved towards it with his train.
                The guard stopped him. He wore polished steel with a black gambeson showing the insignia of the king and a helmet with a spike that rose up and curved forwards.
                Damyen left the carriage and approached the guard. He bore rich and lacy silks bearing his own sigil, the white and red rose intertwined on a blue field so as to avoid lengthy procedures. A simple guard was not like to argue with a Lord such as he, one word and that guard could find himself strung up, his head on a spike on top of the wall.
                “’Who are you and what is your business?”
                “Lord Damyen of House Drayvon, I would have thought that quite clear without question.” He remarked. “I have been personally invited by the King himself to view the event. If you do not mind, I am in quite the hurry to rest after my long travels.”
                “Apologies m’lord, please wait whilst we confirm this—“
                “Is that really necessary?” He rounded on the guard, keeping his face stern as he could. “The King invited me, do you understand what that means?” he held his chin a little higher and heaved up his chest. “You would keep the King waiting?” a smile of victory began to creep onto his face. The guard watched him, his expression barely changing but Damyen swore he could see impudence.
                “Regardless, we have to follow procedure sir—“
                “My Lord, not sir.” He would not stand for discourtesy.
                “We must follow procedure, My Lord.” Damyen sighed and shifted in annoyance.
                “Then be quick about it!” he snapped. The guard left his post whilst the other few guards watched with interest. He eyed them and they avoided his gaze.
                Damyen moved back to his carriage and took his seat. Weston had taken to riding in Lady Enton’s carriage which let him think in peace. His own guard had walked alongside the carriage so he wouldn’t have to see them or hear them.
                Weeks of travel had made him very irritable.
                He rested back on the seat as he waited for the guard. When he had left, his two daughters had stood like statues of their mother, watching on. Eldin had been there too, although he had been conversing with one of his guard at the time. When they finished, that guard joined his ranks. He shared a final look with his family and left and that was all.
                He had waited a long time for this moment. He would not have it taken from him.

The End

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