Edaran had been mostly silent. He was pale when they left the room.
            “Ok.” She breathed deeply and exhaled for a long time. “Are you ready to leave soon, little brother?” she finally asked. He said nothing but he nodded. “Good, I hope you have everything you need ready?” she tried to laugh but found it hard. You do not wish to keep the host waiting, do you?”
            He looked at her, his eyes wide. As she had expected. He had forgotten.
            “Go!” she urged him, and he ran to his room.
            She ordered the Ascocen guards in their blue cloaks to ready their carriage and prepare to leave. She also gathered Arran and Maurice of the Dawnrose guards to ready another carriage.
            She made some final checks, and then the time had come.
            Dalaena had come on the behest of Lord Damyen to collect her little brotheras a Ward. He had demanded she be there no more than a few days. He had ordered his own guard to accompany her, and they tried to follow her everywhere. Now she intended to take some of the Dawnrose guard back with her, and her father agreed. She would have her own protection, men she trusted.

The End

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