Devlin gave her one last look and moved a little closer to the horse.
                Dalaena took Edaran to her own horse, but he pushed away from it. She did not understand at first, until she saw the wild look in his expression.
                “Don’t fear little brother, if you fall, get back on.” She encouraged him. He clearly did not want to, however.
                She eased Edaran onto her horse and climbed on behind him, grabbing hold of the reins so that she kept him in place. She ordered Veil to move as slowly as possible for her Edaran’s sake. Mudpie, Edaran's horse, was only six and the two had grown up together, so when they were almost out of earshot, and she heard one final whinny, she felt the metal go through her own flesh as well. She tried to sing to Edaran to drown it out.
                She let out a long thin exhale. She felt her breathing coming to normal, and less likely to faint.
                Her brother rarely moved as they rode. In fact, he was trying to sleep. She nudged him awake.
                He made an annoyed sound. “Sleep.” He muttered.
                She did not like this. It was the middle of the day, and he was often so full of energy. “No sleep for you, little brother, consider that my punishment for scaring the life out of me.” She tried to giggle but it came out more as a croak. She felt a lack of energy herself, utterly spent.
                It seemed a lifetime until they reached the castle. Dalaena was surprised to see they had gotten to there sooner than her brother, but when she turned her head to see where he was, she noticed he was staying back, all his clothes splattered with blood. She was grateful to him for that. If Edaran had seen his own horse’s innards on their brother, well, she feared.
                Dalaena helped her brother through the walls, the courtyard, the doors, the tower and up outside her father’s chamber door.
                “Don’t want to.” He looked so scared she had to hide her care.
                “You have to.” She stated, and knocked on the door.
                “In.” The voice simply said. Edaran opened the door, and closed it behind him.
                She had thought Devlin would have gone by now, but when she spun round to leave; she nearly knocked him down the stairway. He grabbed her wrists and straightened her.
                “Are you okay, sister?” She hadn’t realised that more tears were on her cheeks.
                “I am fine, just tired. The morning has been very long already.” He still held her wrists as he moved up a step to be on the same level as her. He was so tall. So much taller than when they had last spoken, despite how much she had grown herself.
                He looked down at her, a strange look on his face. In the end, he embraced her, resting his head on the top of hers.
                “Brother—“ she began to moan.
                “Our little brother’s exploits have taught me just how much I miss you. Especially—“
                “I know but—“ she squirmed out of his grasp. “—your full of blood.” She inspected her dress, it was stained red.
                He laughed loudly then, she pushed him away, angrily.
                Then they heard it. “Dalaena, Devlin, in here, now!”

The End

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