Dalaena dismounted. She had to get used to being on two feet once more.
                It had been in her mind to comfort her brother, until she saw the figure of Arran running towards them. Arran was dressed in little more than a leather tunic as opposed to his usual armor, though he wore his greaves and gauntlets, strapped to his arms and legs and and a longsword against his hips. He made quite the odd figure as breaths blasted from his mouth from the running.
                Arran suddenly stopped when he saw Dalaena and blushed.
                “What is wrong sir?” she asked, as to his urgency.
                “Eh?” he could scarcely look her in the eye. “Nothing m’lady.”
                “So, you came here for a morning run did you?” she asked, genuinely confused. “You have no morning duties?”
                “I think what my sister is attempting to say—“ Devlin had emerged, putting his arm around her shoulder, staring pointedly, she saw. “—is why are you here?”
                “Oh.” The guard straightened himself up, now all duty. Edaran all this time, had been gradually trotting away. “Your brother never appeared for this day’s lessons. Your Lord Father wishes to speak with him. He seems concerned.” Everyone turned to Edaran at that moment. He took in all of their looks, and galloped away.
                She ran to Veil and leapt onto her.
                Dalaena heard Devlin push the guard. “So you chase him?” his voice rising. “He’s clearly sick of heart; do you have no sense of mind?” He roared.
                But Dalaena fled, fast as she ever had, Veil and her pounded through along the path and through the fields.
                She had taught Edaran well, even he was faster than Devlin. For were Devlin knew horses as tools of war, Edaran and her knew them as animals, extensions of themselves, and one with them.
                “Ed!” she shouted, and every breath was knocked from her breast. She could scarcely breathe and dots began to appear at the corners of her eyes. But she rode on until the head of her horse neared the rear of Edaran’s. “Edaran stop!” she screamed breathlessly. He briefly turned his head to see her, but then he kicked his horse on to try and ride harder. “No Ed!”
                They were coming to a rougher patch of the ground.
                It all happened in a flash, like the fall of light from the sky crashing against a tree.
                The horses hoof snagged upon a root and both horse and rider were flung bodily forwards.
                The horse let loose a most tragic whinny and tried to get up, but blood poured from the fragment of bone that Dalaena could see from where she reined Veil in and it screamed, actually screamed. She had to stroke her own horse for both of their piece of minds.
                And then she found Edaran.
                She swallowed some of her nausea as she dismounted.
                Dalaena could not see his breathing.
                He lay motionless upon the grass.
                She could not speak, not even to let out the violent pressure of air that built up in her lungs. She ran as fast as she could to her little brother.

The End

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