Even now, when it ought to trouble her most, she would not let her fears take hold. She may never see her brother again if things truly progressed how she foresaw. But rather than despair, she resolved to enjoy this moment.
                Finally, yet too soon, the sun rose higher until the roses faded to white once more.
                Dalaena let go of her brother’s hand and rode around his horse to face him.
                “You are too slow, brother.” She smiled at him, her mare stepping side to side.
                “And you, sister, are too fast. I’ve never seen a man ride as fast as you, even at war.” She leaned against her horse once more and stroked her gently. The horse whinnied and stood still, her ear twitching. “What if you break your horse’s leg?”
                Dalaena rolled her eyes and patted her brother’s horse. “I am not like you Dev, I know my limits, and I know how to ride.” She began to move past him, “doubt me not.” She kicked off, turning once more to race past her brother and back to the castle.
                Devlin tried much harder to keep pace. He pushed harder and harder till he managed to reach her side, his long hair whipping backwards just as quickly as hers. He looked towards her for but an instant to see her broad smile, before she focused her attention forwards, and shot off, far faster, past him.
                Dalaena reached the town and slowed down. She was surprised to see Edaran trotting towards her.
                “Ed what are you doing here?” he hadn’t noticed her and was surprised to hear her voice. He looked towards her and smiled before frowning.
                “I noticed your horse was gone, I wanted to find you.” His own horse was young and white. So very pure, just like him.
                “Whatever for?” Even from horse, she found she could ruffle his hair. She laughed at that and he laughed with her.
                Finally Devlin once again managed to reach them. His breathing had become long and ragged.
                “You are so full on energy today, sister.” He shook his head. After a moment, he noticed Edaran. “Oh, hello little brother.” And Devlin also trotted over to him, ruffling his hair. Edaran groaned and flattened it. “What are you doing here?”
                “I—“ he looked like a wounded animal, in that moment. She wanted to gather him in her arms and hold him as tight as she could. He didn’t seem to know what to say, which made it all the worse. When she looked at Devlin, he could see it too. Maybe even more than she could.
                “Don’t worry,  Ed.” Devlin muttered.
                “But, will you be leaving soon, big brother?”
                “I will.” Devlin agreed, though it pained him to say so. “And when that day comes I shall feel sad just as two years ago. Devlin’s horse circled Edaran's. “But I shall still visit. And it in no way changes your importance to me.”

The End

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