“Now what do you see?” Damyen looked to his son, an eye raised.
                “Shit, dirt, fish and bricks.” He laughed again to himself, “oh and stupidity. Why is it I see stupidity everywhere father?” he looked closesly at Damyen.
                “Even in a looking glass?” but Eldin shook his head.
                “So base father.”
                “And now that you have indulged yourself, what do you see?”
                He sighed this time, “must I?” he looked back out. “Your city. I see your city.”
                “Our city. And the city of our ancestors. You are the legacy I leave behind, do you understand?”
                “Yes father,” he sounded exasperated. Damyen could only hope that through his apparent ire, he truly did understand. He held little hope.
                “There was—“ he quietened his voice. He did not know where this would go. “—something else I desire to discuss with you.”
                “Really father?” he smiled that most despicable smile once more. “I look forward to this.” Yet Damyen knew that he had noted the sudden drop in volume.
                “It is regarding your wife.” He took a quick glance at his son then, noticed a sudden change, a sudden drop of his smile. What was it? Could it be, longing? “As I am going, there is something you must know.” He felt himself quieten further. “Something I want you to do.” But Eldin was silent, and his expression gave away nothing. “Her father seeks to supplant me, usurp me, I know it!” once again his son quickly turned, offering another frown, and even disbelief.
                “What on earth are you speaking of?” a hysterical laugh escaped him. “Have you lost your sanity?”
                “Understand this, all men are wolves, and if they sense the slightest of weaknesses, they will try at taking your place as the leader of the pack.” He shouted, somewhat accidental, but resumed his quietness. “But what matters is that you listen to me. I—“
                “FATHER!” a voice rang out throughout the library. It was barely a shout but it boomed so loudly he feared it was thunder for little more than a second. “WHERE ARE YOU?” Damyen closed his eyes and cursed.
                He grabbed Eldin’s arm and whispered as silently and urgently as he could.
                “If the Drays should make any attempt to replace me, If I send the word, you are to hold that whore of a wife of yours and her little brother. And if I say so... kill them.” Eldin looked outraged, fighting to get out of his father’s grip, but Damyen had held on. He let go, “Let nobody know.” And then he moved to the balcony, a smile on his face, and called out to Astor.
                “Son, what brings you here?” he moved around the balcony, to the top of the stairway. He held his arms out and once he reached Astor, held him and patted his back. “I had expected you to be enjoying your last few days in Ascocen enjoying its fine delicacies.”
                Astor pulled out of Damyen’s embrace and laughed loudly. He was a tall boy, only sixteen, the blonde hair of his mother falling down to his shoulders, the warm brown eyes of himself and the youth of his face telling. He looked just like Damyen, and whilst it grieved him to look upon his face, he loved his son greatly.

The End

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