“...and your Lord Father?” the map lay open on the table, one small landmass lay at the centre, both of the map and a large lake and surrounded by three bigger landmasses, one to the north, one to the southwest and one to the southeast. Each of these was separated by a river. But his teacher now pointed to where he lived. It was a northeast of a small island between two rivers as well as between the southeast and west lands.
                “Eglan of House Dray, Lord of Dawnrose and the surrounding lands. Most notable vassal lords being Lord Weston Dray, his cousin, of Popping-by-the-Sea—“He pointed to the south of their little island. “—Morven of House Laurel, Lord of The Orchards.” He pointed to just north, across a river and on the mainland. “And Kellan of House Lenton, Lord of Kegging-on-the-Wineway.” This time he pointed just west of Dawnrose on the southeast land. “The Dray sigil is the stem of thorny rose in front of a golden sun with a purple field. Dawnrose is in the province of Ascocenda, on the land of Westguard in the Kingdom of Louena.” Edaran rubbed his throat, the drew imaginary figures on the wooden desk. His teacher continued. He knew that his tutor would be looking at him with suspicion, believing him to not be listening.
                “And what about your Lady Mother?” the words came out snappish and made Edaran jump.
                “She is Amilie of House Laurel, Lady of Dawnrose-on-the-Rockes, heir to The Orchards once her father dies and your neice—“ a thought struck him, something that he’d never considered before. “Why won’t you be inheriting Dawnrose?” his teacher smiled at this, then frowned. Edaran had to suppress the laugh as his wrinkled moved around his face. They always said ‘Ed has hair just like his mother and her uncle, brown, and brown eyes too”. He just hoped he didn’t look that old already.
                “I chose to be the Steward of your father instead, so—“
                “Why?” the answer had taken him by surprise. “I mean, what person would say no to owning land and serve another person?”
                “Sometimes your smarter than you ought to be,” he squeezed Edaran’s nose then, “it is a story I shall not go into today. Now your mother?” he urged with a finality that Edaran knew well. He resigned himself to continuing his answer.
                “She will become a vassal lady to my father. But her sister, Orchid will be her steward and look after The Orchards. Her sigil is a laurel wreath surrounding a shield with two swords. The Orchards is in the same province, land and Kingdom.” He peeked out of the window and saw his brother, duelling one of the guard that had brought their sister home. Suddenly he wondered what his sister was doing. He heard a knocking and turned his attention back to the map as quickly as possible.
                “Now tell me of Lord Damyen.”
                “Damyen of House Drayvon, Lord of Ascocen and of the entire province of Ascocenda. Father is his vassal lord, though holds the power of a Lord himself. His eldest son, Damyen died this year. His second eldest, Eldin will inherit Ascocenda along with my sister Dalaena and his third eldest son, Astor, has his  yet to be decided. Sigil, two entwined roses, white and red, on a blue field.”

The End

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