The fist came and he barely had time to react. He managed to swerve out of the way but it made contact with his lip, splitting it. He grabbed the assailant’s arm and pulled him in the way of the next attackers, ringed punch and threw the body into some boxes.
                The next guy was already on him.
                He blocked the punch with his arms and ducked the second guys attack. Before he could do anything, the blonde one had out his dagger and slashed.
                Simeon grabbed the bastards arm, stopping the knife and twisting the arm till it dropped point first to the floor.
                The second one by this time was drawing his own. Simeon pushed Blondie back against the wall and wrestled with the second man.
                The knife clattering uselessly across the floor.
                The officer scrabbled to pick it back up but Simeon grabbed his foot and yanked it so hard the shoe came off and he stumbled back into a support beam.
                Blondie had already gotten up and lumbered towards Simeon.
                He tried yanking the blade from the wood but was failing. Simeon shook himself from dizziness and cracked Blondie in the back of the neck.
                As the second one finally grabbed his knife, he threw it.
                Simeon just had time to fall to the floor.
                The knife sailed right past the back of his head and thunked into the post.
                Simeon tried to get back up but the officer was already on him, kicking him in the rib. Once, twice.
                Simeon flailed his arm, smacking him in the back of the leg. The officer went hard on his knee.
                He was about to make his own attack when a voice called out from the deck. Everyone stopped, and began standing awkwardly as the voice called again, this time closer to the hatch. Finally, the doors opened, spilling a veil of light into the room, and a face appeared silhouetted against it.
                “Well, sorry to disturb you, but I have some pressing business with my associate here boys, if you’re quite done on this vessel?” The officers stood to attention, with the exception of the first man squirming against the crates, trying to stand up and failing.
                Simeon had no idea who this new person was, not if he was headed to danger, he didn’t care, nor did he care how this man knew that Simeon was here or who he was for that matter. But he was sure glad to get away. Simeon Darkwater may have had a reputation as a scoundrel but he was no stupid scoundrel when it came to the law. The man took a step down the wooden stairs and took a seat on one. “Now then, anybody has themselves a problem with that?”
                “No sir.” Blondie muttered rubbing his back. It was quite enjoyable to see them so compliant now.
                “That’s right,” Simeon smiled at him, “you get y’selves off my bloody ship!” he yelled again, and felt a sharp stab of pain from his lip. Then Blondie turned to him, and smiled. Simeon hoped the officer had knocked his head so bad he was suffering some delusion. He didn’t hold much hope of that though.
                “Good day to you fellas then.” The man at the hatch kept on his smile as he tossed them a coin. His attention moved to Simeon and he indicated for Simeon to follow.
                Simeon limped at first, his back in a little pain. He wasn’t as young as he used to be he guessed., or so his back seemed to want to remind him.

The End

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