I began to pant as I bolted through the darkness, the wind whipping around my face, screaming past my ears and teasing my fur in a way that might have been delightful had I taken the time to notice. Despite possessing agility and speed unusual even for a werewolf, I was tiring quickly now, but I had to be sure I was no longer within pouncing distance of the hoard of vampires who gave silent chase as I made my solitary escape.

As I drew closer to the destination I had decided upon not a minute ago, I slowed my pace and listened intently, blocking out the soft thuds of my paws as they hit the earth in an uneven beat. No vampires were chasing me now.

I came to a halt in order to raise myself off of my front paws, stretching out as I did so to alleviate the cramp that was beginning to build in my muscles. As I trod a steady pace in this upright position, I contemplated the folklore I had been told time and again as a child; tales of wolves a millennium ago who had stood on four legs all of the time, like animals; and even older wolves who had been bound by the moon, only able to transform during certain parts of the glowing orb’s cycle.

Although it was a faster method of travel, any other pursuits were rendered clumsy by being on all fours, and I silently thanked the generations of evolution that had given me my upright stance.

The hairs all over my sinewy body stood on end as the air around me began to change. A thick fog threatened to engulf me as I stood still once more. But this was my final stop:

The underground lair.

I let a howl roll from the back of my throat to pierce the stagnant air - both a notification of my arrival and a request for entrance.

I thought about how pleasant it might be to spend a while in my 'human' form again, and hoped there would be clothes waiting for me somewhere in those stone corridors.

The End

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