Jeramiah, Friend Of The Enemy, One Of The LostMature

I am Jeremiah.
Friend of the enemy.
The Vampire that dared befriend a Lycan.
That's why I was cast out from the clan.
They slashed my face five times when I left, to show to all with my unhealing scars, forever bleeding, that I am one of The Lost.
The Lost.
A legion of Vampires, outcast from the clan.
Where I spent my days, except when I was with Alex, my Werewolf friend.
I started to remember the days when I was a recognised member of the Vampire Clan.
Those were good days.
I closed my eyes, and continued to walk down the dark stone corridor, in our underground lair.
I didn't need my eyes open to navigate these corridoors.
I walked for a short while more, then I stopped, turned opened my eyes, and sure enough, it was my door.
Room 78304.
I pressed my hands first to my face, then against the door, and it opened as it recognised my blood. I walked inside, with the lights, off, as I liked it, and fell onto my bed.
I sighed as I hit the sheets, and quickly slipped into a dreamless sleep.

The End

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