A Rose Amongst Thorns. And Other Sharp Pointy Things.Mature

Its the year 3050 and Rose is just a normal human teenager. Except, that's the problem. They don't exist any more. Humans have been extinct for centuries. Rose is born in to a family of vampires, and a world full of mythical creatures. There is a war raging between the vampires- her family and the werewolves- her friends. What happens when she has to choose a side for good?

The sound of the dawn chorus echoed through bedroom as I awoke from a deep, very comfortable, sleep. I loved the sound of bird song, i still do actually, it is a calming sound to me; something I associate with childhood happiness. Just the mere sound of birds singing brings memories flooding back to me. Me; sitting playing with my much loved teddy bear, in my cot. My bear was my best friend as a child, and been given to me by my nanny when I was born. He was, originally, named Snuffles. Unfortunately, my young brain couldn’t quite comprehend how to say that properly, and so he became Nuffy, and even aged 16 years old, which some may class as way too old for stuffed animals, he was still close to my heart.

I yawned and rolled out of my large, queen size bed, clambering out from underneath my crimson duck feather duvet. I skipped across the bedroom towards the window, humming a little tune along the way. I pulled across my thick red velvet curtains which covered one wall of my bedroom. The wall was a glass one, a giant window, in essence, and looked out on to a beautiful lake, with lush green trees and shrubbery. Early morning was definitely the best time of day, I thought to myself as I watched a swan and its still newborn signets make their way to the far bank. That is, let me tell you, a very odd thing to think, whilst belonging to a family of nocturnal vampires.

"Nocturnal vampires?" I can almost hear you thinking right now. Just that tiny little piece of information brings up a million and one questions. Why, if I belong to a family of nocturnal vampires, is dawn my favourite time of day? How can I even be UP at dawn? Well, I can tell you the why. But what I can’t do, is tell you the HOW. That’s something that not even the witches can do. Explain just how on earth two vampires managed to conceive a baby which belonged to a long extinct race. How a fully fledged mature vampire could give birth to a HUMAN child. Like I said, I don’t know how it happened, but it did. And so I am here, and my name is Rose. Rose the human.That's how I was known. As the last remaining member of a species meant to be extinct. As you can imagine, left my parents in quite a difficult position. No matter how hard they tried, they just could not raise a nocturnal human child. So that was how I ended up with a young witch for a nanny. How my parents regret THAT decision now.

The End

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