A Romance

In the young American country, still healing from the wounds of the Revolution, a gallant lawyer falls into a romance with a young woman from New York.


 Mr. William Grey was well-known in towns he passed through for not only his extraordinary intelligence and wit, but charming almost all the young women with his natural gallantry. From the point of Fathers, he was scoffed at for his trouble-making, a lawyer "profiting off of other's miseries" and stealing their daughters' hearts, and from the point of Daughters, they believed him to be the most enchanting, pleasing man they had ever chanced upon, fancying that they would someday become his wife.

  Many times he left behind him broken hearts, though his nature was not wicked as viewed by the many scornful, gossiping Mothers. He did not use his talents with women for evil or trickery, and realizing his wrong-doings upon the shattering of young girl's dreams, he attempted to stay away from parties and gatherings of sorts. Yet still none of that kept him from trouble as he desired, as, like any young man, he enjoyed the company of a young women, and still girls came before him with their sweet eyes and deep, blossoming blushes, shedding tears at his departure.

  But one day charming Mr. Grey would stumble upon his own love, hard and fast he would fall for this strange young woman, unlike the many others who had simply bowed at his feet.

The End

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