A revitilization of past experiences not daunted by time or space.

Nevermore nevermore, quoth the raven.

The life of the universe flows through the pours of every created being that has roamed a time or space.

The particles of air richochet off of this thing that cannot be seen. It is something more than simple thought.

This feeling, I do not know, is a mighty force that tears through everything and nothing all at once.

I assure you, you cannot feel it. You are too cold.

But I know it, and this wave cools my soul. Though not physical in the least, this figment of my imagination is strong enough to penetrate what I am.

Must be the echolocation of my mind, because I sent out my wave a long time ago, and only now does it return to bring results.

Simply put without the dance of words: It's back, unperterbed by the time from then to now, and the distances I've-



What could I possibly tell you has come to pass if I do not want them myself.

This isn't some simply mathematical equation, with variables of x and y that'll yield some result I could base my reaction with.


Because my standard reaction for this is something I do not want.

I think it's the Irony of this ordeal that has me multiplying by negative one, because I would never have seen myself making a call like this.

I do not want this vibration.

But it wants me.

I would not like to deal with this-

but it remains no matter my action.

The only solution for it

is one that's impossible to make.

No cause for alarm, let me chart my data a bit more, but this wave that's come back shows that you can ever have bad news with data.

And to think: all of science is to disprove everything.

The End

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