A review of Coming of Age

I'm the loud shouty type and the critical type so writing a review appeals to me especially of something I hate.

Any show that can make me hate someone as great as Stephen K. Amos and made me hate a channel that gave us the excellent Being Human should not exist. Admittedly BBC 3 is pretty bad and Being Human is its only watchable made in house show. Now what makes coming of age so bad well it's clearly aiming its sights at the Skins and Inbetweeners audience but not being anywhere near as good as either. Its main thing is expecting you to laugh at swearing, terrible rap from a character who should be put down and just being plain vulgar. It also copies Two Pints of Lager (another terrible show) just replaced all the characters with annoying teenagers with no acting ability or likability factor though with the script they had to work with you can almost feel sorry for them almost.  I honestly mean this ladies and gentlemen this is the worst TV show ever transmitted in broadcast history well since 2000. Everyone even vaguely involved in this including the wombs of the mothers who sheltered these idiots should be flogged. You should avoid this at all costs unless you laugh at this "Fancy a game of Pull the Purple Party Popper" or  "If you give me an A, I'll give you a B...lowjob!" oh hillarious.

The End

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