A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

As they met eyes, Claire’s heart jumped somewhere to the vicinity of throat and her breath stuck in her lungs. Goosebumps rose on her arms as a sort of electricity arced between them; it lasted only seconds, but for those heartbeats, Claire was lost in his dark eyes. Time was suspended, and she briefly forgot what she was doing. All at once, the wind rushed back  into her chest and she heaved a shuddering breath as Jai’s fingers trailed down her back. His touch was an exquisite balance between teasing and tangible, and she grinned at his obvious skill.

Her lips quickly shifted from that grin to a round ‘o’ of surprise and pleasure as he spoke, beginning an inflaming path of kisses down her neck. A low noise did escape her then; it hadn’t taken him but three minutes to find her weak spot, and she hadn’t even managed to get his shirt off. Such slacking simply would not do. Rallying her focus, Claire covered the hand he’d rested on her ass with her own hand, guiding it up a little further to hook his thumb over what turned out to be a lacy thong. Smirking at herself, she enjoyed his warm lips against her skin for a moment longer before moving to return the gesture. While one hand skillfully undid his tie, she kissed from the edge of his collar up to his ear, stopping to nibble at his ear lobe.

“I want yoooouuuu,” she crooned quietly into his ear, hand dipping to his belt buckle, “I want you so baaaaaad. I want yooooouuuu, I want you so baaaaad, it’s driving me mad, it’s driving me…” Though it was not the Beatles, Claire had a good voice, and her husky tones were more than appropriate for the tune. She leaned into him with each extended note, more than aware of the weight of him against her leg. The friction was both soothing and maddening, and she bit his neck, her other hand roaming upward to run through his hair. Claire was pleased that his curls felt as marvelous as they looked. Somehow, she managed to get his belt undone in the process, but she paused again, pulling back slightly to look him in the eye once more.

“I’m going to devour you in this corridor if we don’t move,” she breathed, wicked smile crossing her lips. “I’m all for exhibitionism, but…well, it’s hardly professional for an agent of the FBI…” She ran her fingers down his chest, and though it almost physically pained her to do so, Claire parted from him to lead him further down the hall. Thankfully, it was a short trip and her the door to her room had no complicated latch. It had barely shut behind them when she shed her necklace and turned on a dim light. “All the better to see you by,” she chuckled, hands returning to his chest.

The End

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