A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

The way she had gripped him said so many things, all of which had Jai’s brows raising with curiosity as they finished with the formalities, smiling as though he meant to do that and making his way through the crowd with her by his side. Yes, he’d meant to, but never had he thought dancing could turn quite that provocative. He found himself having to catch his breath as well and for a split second, he assumed there would be a moment’s rest before the flirting Olympics commenced.

Jai was wrong. Very wrong.

The farther they moved from the main room, the wider Jai’s eyes became and the quicker his pulse ran. He could barely hear her curses over the beating in his chest, oh but he heard. Normally he would have helped, but he found himself hypnotized. There was just something about a proper lady cursing like a sailor. Tongue slid across his lips as he watched her every movement. Surely she wasn’t planning what he thought she was planning…?

As he was being led down the hallway, the realization of what was actually happening finally hit him – she was taking him to her bedroom – and he couldn’t help grinning like the cat that had just ate the canary. But wait, he was on the job… He could get fired… Eyes drifted along her neck and then down her body, pausing at every curve as she wiggled along… On second thought, an early retirement wouldn’t be so bad.

At the sound of the lock, Jai submitted to her, allowing her hands to do whatever they wished to him. He stared with wide pupils as she spoke, his heart beating faster in his chest every second she was close. She was willing to mess up a designer dress for him? That was dirty talk. This was serious business.

While fully accepting the kiss and returning it with the same primitive vigor, hands went to unclasping things, searching for the warmth of her skin. Eventually he found it as fingertips gave feather light touches along her spine. Giving such a precise tease was difficult in the heat of the moment, but he was determined to pull a moan from her and send chills coursing through her body.

The nipping at his lip caused a deep hum to vibrate through his throat while below he begged for friction, pressing his hardness against her thigh. When she paused, he paused as well, and gazed into her eyes. That look. She was magnificent. “I want you, bad,” he replied as he leaned forward to pepper kisses along her jawline and neck, a slow contrast to how his hands were working below - one busy under her dress, trying to figure out how to relieve her of her stockings while the other teased along her lower back, at the edge of her panties. Eventually that hand snaked in to squeeze at her ass.

The End

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