A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Claire had the fleeting thought You must remember to ask him where he learned to dance just before the music came to an abrupt end. She let out a shuddering breath at his whispered command, the image of her doing just that; she was all over weak and on fire at the same time .Icy chills raced over her skin, and as they parted to the crowd’s great applause, she too found herself overcome by rampant desire.

Whether or not she could have stayed in the ballroom became an irrelevant question, as Claire simply refused to. They’d put on a show for the people, she’d schmoozed with the guests William had wanted her to butter up, and she’d had her fill of the food. It was time for dessert. She didn’t even bother looking for William, though a few ‘thank yous’ were peppered into the praise directed at the both of them, along with obligatory smiles. One hand was clenched at her side to keep it from exploring him just yet, and with the other, she latched on to his, firm grim indicative of her need to be anywhere else. Her chest rose and fell with quick, shallow breaths not entirely caused by their dancing.

She followed him briefly before impatiently taking the lead once more, bringing them out of the ballroom entirely. A combination of adrenaline and lust caused her hand to fumble on the simple latch, and a string of multi-lingual curses fell from her lips in frustration. Finally, managing to push the button down and pull the door at the same time, Claire tugged Jai into an empty hall that would eventually lead to her bedroom. It was toward the back of the house, not an area guests would need to explore, and thus was only dimly lit. It could have been pitch black for all she cared; she needed to feel him more than see him just then.

The moment the door latched shut behind them, Claire pinned Jai to it, hands on his chest and something ravenous behind her eyes. “This dress was personally made for me by a designer client. I’m not even sure she prices things like that,” she countered, one hand shifting to busy itself with unbuttoning his shirt, “…the things we sacrifice….” She flashed a feral grin at Jai before crashing her lips into his with a rush of breath. Her every inch tingled with the contact and it felt almost as though she were vibrating. Jai was warm, and as a her efforts with his shirt were finally rewarded by the feel of his skin, she discovered he was just as well-toned as he looked.

Exploring his lips and tongue with her own, Claire nipped at his lower lip before she was eventually forced to pull back for the sake of breathing. In the pause, her eyes searched his face, her mind chasing a thousand thoughts at once. Most of them were rather thematic and involved the removal of clothing, but fleetingly she wondered why she felt so intensely about him. Even if the feelings were purely physical, they were undeniably strong, and she couldn’t recall if this was the only time such intensity had been aroused. But speculation was for later.

Sweet Lord,” she breathed, biting her lip as she shivered at his nearness.

The End

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