A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

The way those foreign words rolled off her tongue, warm breath caressing his ear, brought both a smirk and raised brows to Jai’s face. This was beyond teasing or flirting - this was straight up foreplay. Never had he experienced such an event… in public… fully clothed. Bodies moved in sync as though they’d practiced this routine for weeks. To onlookers, this might have been just another dance, but to Jai, it was the beginning of something that bordered on magical.

The seemingly choreographed touches definitely did not go unnoticed. If anything, they served to stoke the already bright flames of desire for her. Somehow he kept a cool demeanor, even though he was practically melting in his suit. Although thoughts of Claire ripping it off of him ran rampant, Jai didn’t miss a beat. She led him masterfully and he repaid her by putting his soul into it, dancing as he’d never danced before.

As the song came to a close, fingers moved skillfully down her side and it was his turn to return a whisper. ”I’m in a five thousand dollar suit… I want you to tear it off me with your teeth. Now.“ In French, it sounded very romantic. As he smiled ever so innocently for the crowd who was now clapping for them, eyes darted around for the nearest exit… or bedroom. His want for her was now becoming physically apparent as his pupils dilated and pulse raced abnormally fast for just one dance.

Slowly, he began to retreat into a dimly lit part of the room, arm still protectively around Claire, silently begging her to follow him. Perhaps if she allowed him a proper - or really improper - kiss in the shadows, that would satisfy his lust for her at the moment. Perhaps. But probably not. Jai couldn’t remember the last time he’d fallen for someone this hard after only a few hours, if ever. He felt like a teenager again.

The End

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