A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Gently biting her lower lip at his answer, of his being up for anything and the images that conjured, Claire smirked. "Tango it is, then, mon chere.” She rose from her chair and strode across the room, a picture of style and grace, and leaned into the conductor of the small musical number providing the entertainment. He was not immune to her charms, despite the fact he would’ve taken the request regardless, and nodded his consent. Claire had made her way back to Jai and let him lead her onto the dance floor proper. She felt…not exactly anxious or nervous…but excited. This was anticipation. 

A warm hand at her waist made the sensation even stronger; tingles popped in her stomach and the hairs on her arm stood upright. There was a brief silence in the room; she suspected this was largely because they were the only ones on the dance floor. A curious ring of people munching on dainty snacks stopped to watch, and as the first solemn note rose from a lone violin, Claire smiled and touched her cheek to Jai’s in this last moment before they would dance.

I’m sure that perspective you wanted to hear about will be even more interesting when I’m pinned against the wall,” she whispered into his ear, a play on visual and personal perspectives. And then there were no words. She led, as he asked, having learned both parts of the dance long ago, though this was the first time she’d ever utilized that knowledge outside of lessons.

There was no space between them as they moved in unison across the floor, as both the dance and their desires dictated. She inhaled his breath and gave it back to him, finding herself impressed and thoroughly enraptured by his dancing prowess. They were liquid, hot and powerful, carving a fiery path with the ebb and flow of the music that rose up to fill the room. She felt unstoppable.

Claire had never found herself so equally matched and it was the most potent aphrodisiac she had experienced to date. Her eyes only left Jai’s when he dipped her skilfully to the ground. Almost unintentionally, during one such movement, she wrapped one leg around his and ran a hand all the way up his body, knee to face, as she was slowly brought upright. Her lips brushed against his, and though her breath came quickly, she was anything but exhausted. If anything, the proximity and the nature of the dance itself had invigorated her. As they continued the game of musical cat and mouse, Claire knew she wouldn’t have to say anything to him when it was over. Electricity arced between them in this preliminary exploration of each others bodies and abilities. There were no words for this.

The End

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