A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

At her reply about throwing stuff across the room, his brows rose in interest. Well for one thing, clothes would be flying, that was for sure. Jai was going to unwrap her like a pup tearing into a Slim Jim… or something like that. The French was unexpected, but a pleasant surprise and managed to make her even more alluring, if that was possible. Although he could have answered truthfully - love always alluded him one way or another - now was not the right time to get all emo. So instead, he nodded and replied, allowing the French syllables to roll off his tongue as natural as possible. “Perhaps we could both teach each other a thing or two about that subject. I’m very interested in your perspective.” The smile he gave was genuine. She fascinated him and he couldn’t wait to speak with her one on one, among other things.

Yes, this felt like the slowest dinner party ever. One time Jai could have sworn the clock hand moved backwards. At least the food was delicious… and stayed on his plate until he’d finished. For a moment, he’d watched her as she ate her dessert, but that was too much of a delicious torture. When the band began to play, he perked up as a puppy that knew they were about to be taken out for a walk. “I’m up for anything… almost literally,” he added quietly with a devious smirk. “It’s been awhile since I’ve done either of those, but let’s go with a tango?” That was a lie - the tango was one of his favorites. It was the closest thing one could get to making love on the dance floor, so of course he was skillful at it.

After giving her thigh a final playful squeeze, he moved to lead her to the dance floor. Once she had them change the music, it would begin. Eyes locked with hers as one arm was wrapped around her and the other held hers to the side. “You might should lead, just in case I’ve forgotten any of the steps. Plus, I love it when the woman dominates–I mean, leads me.” It was simple psychology really - Jai had to be control all the time or else lives were at stake. If he allowed someone else control, he could finally relax and enjoy himself. During the dance, he would find himself mesmerized, thoughts and sight only on her, for her. There was no one else in the room as their bodies moved to the music and each other. There were times where their faces were so close that yes, he did steal a kiss, unable to help himself.

The End

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