A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Safety of the shrimp? Well, Jai supposed they were safe in his stomach, which added to the amusement of her words. Her sense of humor was refreshing; usually the people at these sort of events were stuffy and yawn-inducing. Right now, Jai was anything but bored though, especially after witnessing her reaction to his touch. Anyone else wouldn’t have noticed the subtleties in her expression, but he was specifically watching for it to ensure a little playfulness under the table was acceptable. Seemed the answer was a secretive yes.

And now it was his turn to keep a straight face at the double meaning of her words and the unexpected friction along his leg. "Agreed. With fine cuisine, you can never have too many courses.” Normally his double entendres would have been much more explicit, but he didn’t want to take a chance on someone overhearing and possibly catching on to what was going on between them. “And I can’t remember the last time I felt this lucky.”  On that last word, he smirked and gave her thigh a playful squeeze.

When speaking with William though, Jai was all business and straight faced, assuming he was fooling the guy at least a little bit about how interested he was in his sister. Although Jai was distracted during the whole tour, he’d managed to multitask, following protocol and, except for the misplaced feline, did not detect anything that would cause alarm. If someone was planning to break in, Jai would be surprised. “I agree, sir. I’ll keep you updated if I find anything suspicious.” After returning William’s nod, Jai was able to relax again once the attention wasn’t on him any longer.

…That was, until her hand began exploring under the table as well, causing Jai’s fork to slip which sent a slippery, stuffed mushroom flying across the room as though it had sprouted wings! After freezing for a split second, his familiar smirk returned. “Well, appetizers are supposed to be light, I suppose. Wasn’t expecting it to fly right off of my plate though.” Where it had landed, he had no idea as he attempted to appear as innocent as possible as though he hadn’t done a thing.

This beautiful woman was pulling all his strings in all the right places, but to add in the warmth of her hand near his most sensitive areas, it was almost too much to bear. Above the table he somehow managed to remain casual, while below, he playfully attempted to return that sudden surprise she’d just given him, now allowing his fingers to ghost along her inner thighs, pausing to gently and sensually massage her skin while at the same time getting ever so close to her middle in a teasing manner, probably no more than an inch from her silky panties.

Leaning over, he whispered, “I know six different languages, but right now, you’re making it tough to barely speak English.” Then his voice took a normal volume. “As for what I didnotice - nothing too out of the ordinary. You know, the waiters sneaking food and wine when they think no one is looking, the maids sweeping dust and spilled food under the rugs, silly stuff like that. I also noticed how graceful you were on the dance floor. I might be a little rusty myself, so perhaps you’d consider giving me lessons?” The first one could be in the morning if we’re not too worn out already.

The End

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