A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Claire nodded, expression very somber and serious. “I do not take shrimp guarding duty lightly. My thanks, for ensuring the safety of the little things.” She nodded, momentarily distracted by the waiter as she placed her own order. Lighter fare, no meat, with a healthy side of the potatoes she’d mentioned. She had a feeling she’d need the energy, and fully planned on a slice of the rich cheesecake she’d been eyeing ever since she’d selected the catering company. Sort of a prelude to the real after-dinner treat.

Even that tempting thought vanished, however, as the agent continued to play along with her banter, warm hand finding its way to her leg. She placed her elbow on the table and her hand over her mouth rather casually, pretending to debate over the dessert menu for later. William didn’t look, being actually absorbed in the same task–he had quite the penchant for sweets–a fact for which Claire was immeasurably grateful. Her thighs were possibly her second most sensitive trigger spot, and she had to bite her lip briefly to stop herself from making a noise sheerly out of surprise and delight.

“Addicting indeed,” she breathed, hooking the ankle of her free leg around Jai’s, “though I have a feeling I won’t be the only one wanting a second…perhaps third…course.” She ran her foot up the back of his calve, slowly, deliberately. Thank heavens for long tablecloths… “A delightful buffet of exotic fare, just for me,” Claire finished with a smirk, letting her eyes flick over his whole body again; at least as much as she could see. “Aren’t I the lucky girl.”

But even the lucky had to put up with dull details now and again, Claire no exception as she listened to Jai give the security details. Distraction or no, he’d come through on the professional end of his job. She’d have to give him credit for that later, either monetarily or otherwise…it would be rude to let him go unthanked, after all. She played along with the business, pretending her mind wasn’t occupied with slowly undressing the agent.

William nodded approvingly at Jai’s summary, absolutely certain that the man had been assessing his sister far more than the actual room. He wasn’t overly concerned with the security, given his own skills (and normally Claire’s, when she wasn’t playing seductress), but he was somewhat irked that the woman had taken yet another poor man and wrapped him around her finger. There were undeniable benefits for business, so he couldn’t complain overmuch…and at least she picked someone handsome. But he was FBI, and that worried William. He could never tell which would be repeat acts and having a federal agent around the estate on a semi-regular basis could be potentially dangerous. For the moment, however, he said nothing. His sister was no worse than he was. Already he had a woman lined up for later, currently undressing him with her eyes from across the room.

“A pleasantly positive diagnosis,” William replied with a nod before taking a pull from his drink. He said nothing further and was pulled into conversation with the man to his right, an older gentleman who had been a long term client. Claire knew it’d be a good long while before he emerged, and so she folded up the menu and set it aside, ducking one of her own hands under the table to run along part of Jai’s inseam.

“What sorts of other things did you notice, mon chere?” she asked, looking up at Jai through thick, dark lashes.

The End

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