A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

With a subtle shake of his head, he answered, “I wanted to save all my energy for you. Plus, I had to keep an eye on everyone and guard the shrimp, you know.” As she’d probably noticed, he’d kept a very keen eye on her, unable to keep his mind off her as well. Had Jai not have been so distracted by her, he would have noticed the eye rolling of her brother. It wasn’t until they were seated that he noticed William on the other side of her and reality reared it’s ugly head for a moment. Would he be angry with him for going for his sister?

That was a chance Jai was willing to take for her, and he immediately stopped worrying once she uttered the word steak. She was the only dessert he wanted tonight though. It appeared their minds had went to the same place at the same time as he instinctively picked up what she’d meant by Indian food and returned the grin along with a firm hand under the table to rub along her thigh. Right about now he would have had a naughty comeback for that, but being around her, it took him a moment. “I’m more than certain that I can whet your appetite for Indian tonight. I have to warn you though - I can be addicting.”

The urge to kiss her was strong now, but her brother was right there, so he had to continue the covert op underneath the table, drawing invisible circles over her clothing and then pausing to massage her upper thigh. Normally he would have traced over her knees, but she might have been ticklish there and he did not want to risk causing her to burst out laughing. “The steak sounds delicious though. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some rare meat,” he said with obvious intent before slowly running his tongue along his lips.

After pouring himself a glass of wine as well and giving the waiter his order, he figured he might as well give Claire his report in a normal tone so that William could hear if he wanted. “I noticed many things while observing in the ballroom… but none of them pointed to any sort of threat. Of course I’ll still keep an eye out, but I’m more than certain you’re all safe for the moment.” Unless the threat was watching remotely, but he didn’t want to cause them to worry, so that wasn’t mentioned.

The End

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