A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Firmer? At her turn of the phrase, Jai could only give a guilty smirk as he was yet again struck speechless. Yes, this one was definitely a keeper if the evening continued on this way. Now that he’d thought about it, this had to have been the most fun assignment he’d ever been on. And as usual, fun and business were a dangerous combination…

Had Jai not have been so smitten, he would have thought ahead more carefully. Even though he was undercover and people had no way of knowing he was on the job, she, however, was not. Those facts immediately returned to him once she had frozen up at his lips. A mental apology was being prepared but before it could be spoken, she returned the kiss. It might have been short, but it was everything he’d imagined it would be. This preview - her scent at his nose and the taste of her mouth along his tongue - was enough to hold him for now.

As he pulled back, there might as well have been hearts in his eyes with how he was staring at her. Finally he was snapped out of the trance at her next words. “Oh, forgive me, I meant - I want you to be mine. I need you to be mine,” he corrected himself playfully and gave a wink. As for them just meeting… “And true, but if I ever had this kind of chemistry with anyone else, I sure can’t remember it.” His expression turned sincere as his dark eyes focused on hers. “And if I’m a dish, then I’d say we make a great set.” And there was the first pun of the evening. In Jai’s mind, he was suave enough to make bad puns sound good.

With an understanding nod, he watched as she went to attend to business before turning to do the same - Mission Impossible: Buffet Table. To his delight, they had every kind of shrimp in existence it appeared. Once he spotted the tempura shrimp sushi though, a beeline was made. Not only was the food there, but it gave him a very strategic vantage point so that he could keep an eye on the entire room while stuffing his face.

Of course, nothing ever was simple for Jai Wilcox. During his surveillance and appetizer combo, he was hit on by at least five women and two men. Luckily, he was already spoken for and straight, so they were taken care of easily. Then there was the cases of the men getting a little too close to Claire during their dances… This was taken care of with an evil eye. Although usually Bambi eyed, Jai also had this power of being able to appear as intimidating as a buck - brows furrowed and eyes narrowed while teeth clenched, almost growling. It worked, and from what he could tell, Claire hadn’t seen. It wasn’t that he was insecure of another man gaining her attention, he just didn’t want anyone putting their filthy paws on her. Only his clean paws were worthy.


Finally it was time for the real dinner. Although Jai was filled with sushi, he still looked forward to sitting beside Claire and guarding her body being her bodyguard while sipping on wine and at least nibbling at his meal. After following her into the main dining room, he pulled out her chair for her before taking his own. “So, what’s on the menu… besidesme?” he whispered quite matter-of-factly while setting the nearby bottle of wine near her.

The End

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